Retreat on Autobiography was held from from 3rd to 9th of June, 2012. Here are feedbacks from some of the Devotees.

  1. It has been a novel experience for us to study the Autobiography together with all other devotees. Simultaneously listening to the Auto  along with reading the book was a different and a very spiritual experience helping us to tune in with our Gurudeva and feel his divine presence amongst us… Sarbani Roy, Kolkata
  2. I bow to Swami ji thousands times in gratitude for bestowing abundant of wisdom and spirituality on the devotees by organizing the retreat specially in calm, serene and spiritual atmosphere… R P Dua, Delhi
  3. This seven days retreat gave me an opportunity for deeper study of Autobiography. There is a definite difference between “individual reading” and “reading and listening” (to CD) in a group…  Sucharita Pradhan, Kolkata
  4. I wish that Autobiography retreat should also be started at other Retreat Centers of YSS of India… Vinod Sabharwal, Ghaziabad (UP)
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  6.  Listening and reading sessions of Autobiography were very uplifting and transforming…  Rajendra Singh Rana, Agra
  7. The explanation and discussion on each chapter after listening it gave a very clear concept and made it more interesting than it was by reading only… Y.S. Vashishtha, Agra
  8. In Autobiography Retreat, group discussion and the question answer session is a wonderful idea. In this way, we learn more from each other, the points and events of Guru ji’s life which otherwise we cannot notice while reading alone… Ms.Gulshan Sharma, Chandigarh
  9. The detailed reading of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ has given the impression that it is a fathomless scripture. How beautifully, Guru ji has explained true wisdom and described the scientific assessment of the physical nature of the universe…. I felt enough vibrations of love and attraction from Great Gurus here… Rajinder P. Singhal, Delhi