A second three days Guided Meditation Retreat held from 5-7 August, 2022 was led by Mrs. Neena Atray under the guidance of Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. It was attended by 33 participants from HP,Chandigarh, Punjab,Haryana,Delhi,J&K,UP, MP and Italy. Out of 33 participants, four were from Italy.

Energization exercises and guided meditation sessions were conducted on all the three days.

Classes included reading topics from new YSS lessons, mainly Energization Exercises, Haung Sau and Aum techniques.

 All the group reading sessions were followed by self evaluation by the participants for which questionnaires on lessons covered were provided to them.

A video of Daya Mata ji and an audio of Swami Sri Bhaktananda ji on ways to deepen our meditation were also part of the programme.

After dinner, on the second day, devotees also enjoyed the Bhajan session by Sh. Diwakar Dutt Sharma and his team.

On the whole, the Retreat was very well received.

Some of the feedbacks received were as under:

  1. The Retreat was conducted excellently by the meditation Leader. It went on very well as planned under the guidance of Swami ji…Very good facilities at  Anand Shikhar…….Mr. Gurudeo, New Delhi
  2. The programme was excellent and conducted very nicely by Ms. Neena Atray. I enjoyed the review of lessons…Hospitality was excellent.  Food was also excellent….. Ms. Bindu Malhotra, Patiala, Punjab
  3. Beautiful programme ! A divine experience! ..Very good facilities… Ms. Neena Atray, Panchkula, Haryana
  4. Spiritually uplifting!…Very well conducted by the meditation leader…very well organized…Vivek Atray, Panchkula, Haryana
  5. The programme was very well planned and executed…Readings, chants, visualizations and Daya mata’s Video—all seeped deep into my heart. The temple is full of spiritual vibrations with special blessings of God and Gurus… Rooms are comfortable….Ms. Shabnam, Hisar, Haryana
  6. The programme was intelligently planned and suitable…Meditation Leader’s approach to meditation was sweet, soft and with love… Recital of cosmic chants was a beautiful experience… facilities were commendable…..Aaruni Singh, Ranchi, Jharkhand