This retreat programme was conducted by Ms. Gunjan, a Meditation Leader from Chandigarh under the guidance of Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. It was attended by 40 participants from HP, Punjab, Haryana,Chandigarh, Delhi,Maharashtra,West Bengal,UP, MP,Karnatka, Uttrakhand  and J&K.

On the first two days, there was a group reading of the topics on Guru Disciple relationship, compiled from GTWA and Autobiography of a Yogi. Periods of readings were followed by moments of silence to absorb the meaning of the text which were wonderfully uplifting as experienced by the participants.

Afternoon class on the both the days was a question answer session on topics covered on the same day during which devotees also shared their experiences with Guru ji. Devotees found it very inspiring.

There were regular morning and evening sessions on energization exercises and meditation.

Post dinner, on the first day, it was a video show on “Mrinalini Ma’s In His Presence”. On the second day, there was an uplifting Bhajan Session.

On the last day, after the energization exercises and meditation programmme, Swami ji delivered a parting message on the importance of Guru disciple relationship, followed by pushpanjali and prasad distribution by Swami ji.

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

  1. The Retreat was very inspiring and reiterated our devotion to Guru. Feel blessed to be here and have this opportunity to attend this retreat….Reshma Jiwani,Mumbai, Maharashtra
  2. Very well planned programme..Gita chanting was good…Reading session was excellent..Bhajan session filled us with ecstasy..Retreat is so beautiful..Hospitality was excellent…Sumona Ganguly, Kolkata, West Bengal
  3. It was a golden opportunity to attend the Retreat. Stoies shared by Swami ji were quite inspiring….Conducting of Retreat was quite appreciable and heartwarming….Santosh Sharma, Pathankot, Punjab
  4. The programme was very good. Enjoyed exercises and meditation…I have sweet memories with me to share with my family and friends…..Rajeshwari Naidu,Mumbai, Maharashtra
  5. The Retreat was inspiring and energizing. I could get away from Maya and be at my Guru’s Feet on the occasion of Purnima..Meditation leader was very good….Lavesh Raikhy,Ludhiana, Punjab.

Meditation Leader conducted the Retreat very well. Gita chanting was excellent….Excellent hospitality…Baburam Chandra,Noida, UP

Photos of Gurupurnima Retreat 2022