How to reach Anand Shikhar?

Anand Shikhar Ashram is about fifteen kilometers from the main Shimla Bus and Railway Stations. The Ashram is situated in an old Himachal village called PANTI.

Distance View of Anand Shikhar

Welcome to Anand Shikhar

The location of the Ashram amidst the lush green forest area and away from the hustle and bustle of a town, presents a picturesque environs which is very conducive for personal and general retreat programmes. Here, through a serious meditation, one can really experience the divine vibrations of our Gurdeva, Param Gurus and God.

One can reach Anand Shikhar by all the three routes i.e. by Air, by road and by train. Major Train services are available up to Chandigarh and Kalka. From Chandigarh, one can travel either by Bus or by Taxi up to Shimla. From Kalka one can travel by toy train.

From Kalka to Shimla it is a wonderful journey by Toy Train. The Kalka–Shimla railway is a 2 ft. 6 in. narrow-gauge railway and it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The railway traverses mostly-mountainous route from Kalka to Shimla and is known for dramatic views of the hills and surrounding villages. The railway journey from Kalka takes about five hours upto Shimla. From Shimla Railway Station one has to hire a taxi to the Ashram.

Instead of Coming to Shimla railway station, one can also get down at JUTOGH railway station and hire a taxi from the local bus stand (Totu) to the Ashram which is only about six Kms from there.

From Chandigarh and Kalka, one can also travel by Bus or Taxi upto Shimla and the Ashram. In case one travels by a taxi hired up to the Ashram, instead of coming to Shimla town or bus station, one can directly go to the Ashram either from Chakkar diversion or from Boileauganj diversion on Kullu-Manali Road. Taxi services are also available from Shimla Bus Station and Railway Station to the Ashram.

Local Bus services between 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM are also available from the Shimla Bus station to the Ashram, but only a person with some previous experience can manage it. Others may find it inconvenient to travel by Bus to the Ashram.

The Shimla Airport, which is also known as Jubbarhatti Airport, is located at a distance of 22 Kms away from Shimla. On arrival at the airport, one should hire a cab to the Ashram which is about 20 Kms from there.