During the year 2023, ten Retreats / programmes were organized from January to December, at Anand Shikhar. Out of them, nine were devotee-led Retreats conducted by the Meditation Leaders from Shimla and Chandigarh under the guidance of Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. One programme on Kriya Yoga Diksha was conducted by three sannyasis (Swami Sri Samarnananda ji, Swami Sri Vasudevananda ji and Br. Sri Somyananda ji) from the Center Deptt.
The names of various Retreats/Programmes organized are as follows:

  1. Janmotsav ( Guru Disciple Relationship)
  2. Balancing work and life
  3. Devotion-1
  4. Devotion-2
  5. Kriya Yoga Diksha
  6. Keys to deeper meditation
  7. Ishwar Arjun Samvad
  8. Autobiography of a Yogi
  9. Guru Purnima
  10. Janamashtami

In all, these Retreats/ Programmes were attended by 357 devotees from various states. Some of them were SRF devotees from abroad. Kriya Yoga Diksha Programme was attended by 162 devotees. Retreats/Programmes included satsangs by Sannyasis, demonstration, Kriya ceremony, group reading classes from YSS publications and lessons, video shows, online sessions by monks from the Center Deptt. Bhajan sessions, meditation, energization exercises etc. All the programmes/retreats were successful and enjoyed by the participants. Some of the feedbacks received from the participants were as follows:

  1. Programmes were organized in a very orderly manner.
  2. Programmes were very informative and motivating.
  3. All the organizers were so warm and helping.
  4. Every time when I attend the programme, something new is learnt.
  5. All the facilities were provided.
  6. The programme was so enjoyable that I am unable to describe it.
  7. The divine experience I received under the guidance of Swami ji will help me in my spiritual progress.
  8. Attending the Kriya Yoga Diksha Programme was a life changing event for me.
  9. The programme clarified my doubts about some meditation techniques.
  10. It was a well structured, conducted and inspirational programme.
  11. It was an excellent programme and conducted perfectly. Cosmic chant were melodious and filled me with immense joy.
  12. I wish to come for such programmes again and again.