Special Advisory to Devotees

  1. Since Anand Shikhar Retreat is located at a Hilly area, devotees suffering from physical disability/ heart and respiratory problems may avoid participating in the programme, because one needs to walk up and down in the retreat premises.
  2. In case of couples participating in the Retreat Programme, should carry separate set of daily usable items like soap, tooth paste, creams etc. because they will get separate rooms in the Ashram.
  3. Some of the participants/devotees, who are willing to stay in private accommodation, may book the same directly or through the Coordinator of the Anand Shikhar Sadhnalya, Panti . Click here to have a look on the types of accommodation and their other details.
  4. While applying to participate in any Retreat Programme, please always write your contact number.
  5. Donations will be accepted preferably by A/C Payee cheque or through POS machine.

Managing Committee,
Anand Shikhar, Shimla