This is a feedback post for Gita Gyan Yajna sent by Shakuntla Saini, New Delhi

A dying man goes straight to heaven, they say, even if he listens to Gita Path at the last moment (whatever his whole life may have been).Well I have got my seat reserved in heaven right now , by Guruji’s grace I attended Gita Gyan Yagna at Anand Shikhar.

I had read Guruji’s Gita Vol-1 years back and postponed and postponed reading it further as it is a heavy reading. So this retreat came as a special blessing. Reciting the Sanskrit shlokas, understanding the meaning with Swami Krishnananda Ji, with a group of more than fifty devotees was a wonderful experience. Very useful notes, index of related topics and illustrations (given to us) made it easy to digest and enjoy. So much hard work was done for all this, it compelled us to do our part really. Well that was not enough we had to do our homework and discuss answers to questions from Gita in small groups, and then related videos shown in the evening, regular meditation and satsanga, we were on our toes, but it was the most wonderful experience, though I come here every summer for retreat.

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The volunteers, especially the kitchen people, so humble and hard working are a true reflection of Guruji’s true devotees here. Hats off to them. The building is so beautiful with its scenic beauty, away from the city noise, makes it no less than a five star hotel (Spiritual videos added on top of it, plus we were pampered with the most delicious food and nautanki on Kabir).

Could heaven be more beautiful than Anand Shikhar ? I do not know. Come and attend the retreat and see for yourself. Our heartiest thanks to our Guruji and the Paramgurus and Swami Krishnananda ji for blessing us with such retreats.
Long live Anand Shikhar, long live our Y.S.S .

At the feet of the Guru,
Shakuntla Saini, New Delhi