This three days programme was conducted by Br. Sri Sadananda ji and Br. Sri Swaroopananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 35 devotees from HP,UP,AP,WB,Uttrakhand,Punjab and Karnatka.

Report on Conducted Spiritual Retreat from 14-16 June, 2013

On 14th June, Br. Sri Sadananda ji started the programme with an “opening Satsanga on Retreat”. He explained the meaning of Spiritual Retreat,why it is important,how it should be done and what are the advantages to devotees. In the post lunch session, Br. Sri Swaroopananda ji had a class on the review of Energization Exercises. . After dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show on Guru ji’s return to India (1935-36)..

On the second day, a session on “Karma” was taken by Br. Sri Sadananda ji. After lunch, Br. Sri Swaroopananda ji took a class on Review of Haung Sau and Om Techniques. After dinner, devotees were delighted to watch a video show on “Portal to Inner Light”.

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Energization exercises,individual and group meditations were done both in the morning and evening on all the days.

Devotees were highly appreciative of the way Sannyasis conducted the Retreat Programme. They said that the Retreat really reinforced their spiritual endeavour and it would help them to progress further.