A school health camp was arranged at Govt. High School Kayna-1 in village Sharda on 12th June 2012 in collaboration with the health team from Block Mashobra, distt. Shimla. In addition to the local school, three other nearby schools namely, Govt. Middle School Banooti, Govt. Middle School Beunth and Govt. Primary School Kyana-2, were also covered. Heath Team members included, BMO, MOs, Dental Surgeon, Ayurvedic doctor, Ophthalmic Assistant, Dental Technician, Pharmacist, Health Educator, Health Supervisor, Male and Female Health Workers.

Long Shot of the School in the midst of beautiful mountains

Closer shot of the school building

Children ready for the camp

Let us start the Camp with Guru Puja !

After the Puja !

What can you see now?

Can you read it?

Children grow fast

When will my turn come…

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All is well

Bye bye children

Details of School Health Camp Report

The camp started at 11.00 AM with Guru Puja ceremony conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji in the presence devotees, members of health team, students and teachers.
The following activities were carried out during the camp:
1. Medical examination of students
2. Oro-dental check up
3. Examination of eyes for refractive errors
4. Dental extraction
5. Health education on various topics

A brief health check up and treatment report is as follows:
Total students examined: 239
Students given prophylactic dose of
Iron and Folic Acid tablets: 239
Students given therapeutic dose of
Iron and Folic Acid tablets: 72
Cases of skin diseases: 18
Cases of Dental Caries: 44
Dental extraction done: 24
Cases of ENT problem: 25
Cases of eye problem (refraction): 21
Cases of other problems: 59
Referred for further treatment: 5

Tablets Albendazole were given for mass treatment of worm infestation to all students as mandatory under the Govt. Programme. Most of the students with health problems were given medicines and only a few were referred to PHC/ hospital for further management.

Besides that, Swami ji presented YSS books to all the doctors and paramedical personnel of the health team. After the camp was over, all the members of health team were served lunch at Anand Shikhar.

In the end, members of health team and the school staff were thanked for providing all the cooperation and support to make the camp a great success.