Following are listed all the themes of the 2015 Retreat Programmes

Easter Retreat

It will focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through satsanga by Swami ji. There will also be video shows on the life of Jesus Christ.

Holy Science Retreat

The aim of this retreat is to study the Holy Science and try to understand it better with the help of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali thereby getting a deeper understanding of the foundation of the teachings of our Guru Parampara. We also learn of the many obstacles which lie in our spiritual path and how to overcome them.

Gita Gyana Retreat

In this retreat, we learn to recite the Gita in Sanskrit, read the translations of the verses in Hindi, have daily satsanga, study selected chapters of “God Talks with Arjuna” and find answers to the questions in those chapters. This will be followed by an interactive class in which the answers will be discussed with Swami ji.

Autobiography Retreat

During this retreat, devotees will listen to the audio version of the book and read selected chapters of the A.Y. They will be given questions on those chapters for which they will individually seek answers. These answers will then be discussed in interactive classes with Swami ji. The aim is to get deeper understanding of the Autobiography which is a “Dharma Grantha” for us Yogodans and through this special retreat we will try to seek deeper attunement with Guruji and his teachings.

Graduates Retreat

The devotees, who attend this retreat, should have completed all the 182 Lessons and bring their Lessons with them. Swami ji will select some of the Lessons which are often neglected and forgotten for reviewing as well as practicing them. These include Lessons on healing, concentration, expansion, devotion etc. This gives an opportunity for the devotees to remember the Lessons they received long ago and review them again.

Guided Meditation Retreat

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Kriyabans Retreat

This is meant for Kriyabans only, who bring their Kriya Lessons with them. Swami ji, after reviewing the Lessons and practices, will give tips for successful practices. It will also include a “guided” long meditation.

Cosmic Chants & EE Retreat

Devotees will be trained in how to lead Energization Exercises & meditation programme and how to play cosmic chants on Harmonium. Each devotee’s performance of Energization Exercises will be checked and corrected.

Janamashtami Retreat

It aims at understanding the significance of “Path of Devotion” in our spiritual progress through surrendering of all our limitations and by acquiring new vitality during the inspired moments of deep contemplation.

Conducted Spiritual Retreat

It will focus on review of meditation techniques, satsanga and individual counseling of devotees.

Please note the devotees must bring their Holy Science, The Gita (God Talks with Arjuna), Autobiography of a Yogi, Kriya Lessons and other lessons to participate in a concerned retreat programme.