This programme, conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji, was held for three days from 4-6 September, 2019. As many as 34 devotees from HP, Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, Rajasthan, and WB attended the programme.

The programme covered mainly three topics namely Ego, Surrender and Grace.  While explaining these issues, the focus was, how these matter in the daily life of an individual and thus in his or her spiritual sadhna.

The concept of Maya and thus Ego as God’s force in creation was explained on the first day. Presentation helped to grasp a good understanding on Ego, its necessity in creation and in one’s life and at the same time, its play in the illusory creation. Emphasis was laid on the way how to rise above it rather than fight with Maya.

On the second day, while covering the topic of Surrender, the focus was on what to surrender, why to surrender, how to surrender etc. The story of Bhagwad Gita was used as a metaphor in highlighting the various aspects of the topics covered.

Like, Pandvas would not have won the war of Kurukushetra without the grace of Lord Krishna because the Army of Kaurvas was much more formidable.

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Life’s events as they unfold for an individual are like a game of dice played by God and we do not have full control over them. This is why God and Guru’s grace is required.

Last day of the programme focused on grace through a set of highly convincing stories.

On each day, contents were derived from the God Talks with Arjuna and Guru ji’s detailed interpretations relating to Ego, Surrender and Grace.

As usual, regular energization exercises, morning and evening meditation were held on all the days.

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

  1. The programme was very well organized. I enjoyed all satsangas and meditation programmes. Bhajan sandhya was one the best programme. Stay in Ashram was very comfortable…..Durgesh Sharma, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  2. I have no words to express the significance of this retreat. Rather the beginning of the spiritual life must be from this retreat where the devotee will progress in his sadhna to the next level. This retreat gave me the fundamental understanding of the design of thought process which was missing earlier….Sanjeev Sharma, Delhi.
  3. I am very thankful to Guru ji because this retreat has been very much helpful in awakening in me the importance of our surrender to Guru and God which would bestow their grace on us. Video shows and Bhajan Sandhya saturated us with devotion…….Veena Dwivedi, Delhi
  4. It was an excellent and spiritually enlightened programme for me. The lecture on Ego was of great importance and it has pushed me deep inside to first surrender my ego and then surrender to God and God wish. ..Excellent explanations with stories…..Hospitality excellent !……..Sanjeev Dixit, Noida, UP
  5. This retreat has completely fulfilled my wish what I had expected… Swami ji has beautifully explained the need of Surrender and Grace on the path of self realization by giving references from GTWA and Guru ji’s talks. It will help me to progress in my sadhna. I wish to attend it again and again….. Hospitality was good…..Reeta Dixit, Noida, UP
  6. The retreat was very well organized. Topics were very important. The place is very suitable for meditation. Retreat facilities are quite excellent…..R.S. Jamwal, Kullu, HP
  7. Swami ji described Unconditional Surrender very nicely. He told that surrender is not our weakness but it is an immense spiritual strength…..Samiti Katyayen, Kullu, HP
  8. Well-structured programme. Subject matter was thoughtfully brought out and very nicely delivered. Retreat was quite absorbing ……Om Chand Verma, Shimla, HP
  9. The programme was very well organized. Swami ji talked about Ego. He told that “When ego gets in, God steps out and when ego gets out God steps in”. He also delivered a talk on Surrender. Until we surrender to God, we cannot achieve our spiritual goal in life. Even if we surrender and if the God’s grace is not there, we cannot be successful. Grace of God and Guru ji is very important and that is possible only when we have perfect devotion towards them…. The programme was very inspiring and Bhajans were very enjoyable…….S.C. Gupta, Kullu, HP

Images of Surrender and Grace Retreat Sep 2019 event can be viewed here.