This three days programme was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 48 participants who included YSS devotees from HP (Solan and Shimla) Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, UP and staff of the University.

The main highlights of the programme were daily Satsanga in the forenoon, review of basic meditation techniques, Video shows after dinner, Bhajan session, energization exercises and meditation both in the morning and evening.

On the first day, in the introductory satsanga which was attended by other staff and students of the University, Dr.P.K. Khosla VC of the University, announced that the Autobiography of a Yogi was going to be made a part of the required reading in the course on Yoga, and the event was covered by and published in local news papers.

 On the last day, a Bhoomi Pujan was organized near the campus of the University where a Yogoda Village is going to be established. All the participants of the programme attended the Pujan Ceremony.

Before the concluding Satsanga, question answer session was also held. The programme was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the participants.

 Some of the feedbacks received are as follows:

I have attended many Retreats but this time the layout of Shoolini University infused a new vigor, calmness and devotion to the programme. Swami Krishnananda ji takes so much interest in making each and every programme a source of knowledge, devotion and love….Amrit Lal gupta, Chandigarh

I really enjoyed the Retreat Programme in Shoolini University….Narender Kumar Dhiman, Haryana

It was wonderful being my first experience to attend the programme. I will continue the practice of meditation…Dr. Atul Thakur, Shoolini University

Attending this Retreat was like charging a discharged battery once again. On review of meditation techniques with Swami ji, I realized that I was not properly practicing them. I am indebted to Guru ji for accepting me as his disciple…..Vidhu Singhal, Lucknow, UP

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The programme was full of celestial joy and it enriched my body, mind and soul. I also enjoyed the video shows. Such prograammes really rejuvenate and motivate one to be on the path of Guru ji’s teachings in our daily life…..Saroj Khosla, Shoolini University Solan

After attending this retreat I am confident that my sadhna will be much better….Dr. Rajiv Saizal, Solan, HP

It was a great exposure. I feel adequately blessed and recharged. I hope, it increases my faith and help me much more ahead……Chander Mohan,Solan, HP

The Retreat has revived and renewed the spark in us once again to practice our meditation in household life….Ayan Chawla, Chandigarh

The Retreat was a very enriching experience and it has given new dimension to the spiritual side of us. Many ambiguities regarding meditation techniques were cleared…Gitanjali Kalia, Panchkula Haryana.

It has been very knowledgeable and enriching experience for a person like me who has just begun the spiritual journey….Devesh Kumar, Solan, HP

It was a refreshing spiritual experience for me…..TR Garg, Chandigarh

It was a wonderful experience of doing meditation under the guidance of Swami ji. He explained the techniques in a very simple way…..Kalpna Biara, Punjab

It has been a great blissful and learning experience for me under the guidance of Swami ji….Ram Swaroop Biala,Punjab

A wonderful retreat spread over three days has rejuvenated the devotees and the inaugural lecture came as a tonic both for the devotees and faculty of Shoolini University…….PK Khosla, Solan, HP

It is an excellent experience for the new comer like me. It has helped me in initiating my spiritual life….Dr. Saurabh Kulshrestha, Solan, HP