A Spiritual Retreat on the theme of ‘GITA GYANA’ was held at Shoolini University Solan w.e.f. 20-24 June, 2018 under the aegis of Swami Sri Krishnananda Ji.  The 5-Day Retreat was held for the first time at this University as the previous retreats were of 3-days duration.

In this Retreat, 38 devotees from different parts of the country (Rajasthan, Haryana, HP, Delhi, UP, Punjab, Chandigarh, Assam, Maharashtra, West Bengal, J&K etc.) took part which including two devotees from Mexico and Moscow.  In addition, 11 participants from the University also attended the programme.

The Retreat was held as per schedule approved by Swami Sri Krishnananda Ji. Some of the special features of the Retreat are enumerated hereunder:-

  1. All the devotees took active part in the International Yoga Day which was celebrated at Police Ground Solan. The devotees were taken to Police Ground Solan to participate in the International Yoga Day celebration with the district administration.  All the devotees enjoyed their participation in the celebration of International Yoga Day which was attended by about 1500 persons including Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police and other heads of the departments of Solan District.
  2. On this International Yoga Day, two Yogoda Huts constructed at a cost of rupees 18 lakhs were inaugurated by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. This was a surprise gift given to Swamiji who had laid its Foundation Stone in 2016.   For the time being only two huts have been constructed and it is planned to construct about twenty similar huts which will be congenial for doing meditation and to pursue research in spirituality. There will also be reception, kitchen and dining facility along with meditation centre.

Since this was a ‘GITA GYANA’ Retreat, therefore, it was made compulsory for all the B.Sc. Yoga students to participate in this Retreat.  It was made a part of the curriculum with one credit to the students attending this Retreat. Thus all the students of B.Sc. Yoga attended this Retreat.

The morning session was devoted for the recitation of Shalokas from the Bhagavad Gita followed by its explanation by Swamiji.  Question-Answer sessions were also organized in the afternoon to dispel the doubts of the devotees.  All the questions of the devotees were fully explained by Swami Ji with adequate similes.  The meditation sessions were also enjoyed by all.

A video show was organized on 21st June, 2018 on the ‘Gita Discourse by Lord Krishna’ (Mahabharata Serial).   A Bhajan Sandhya by the devotees of Shoolini University was organized on 22nd June, 2018.   Similarly a Bhajan Sandhya was performed by Shri D.D.Sharma ji, a senior devotee, from Dhyana Kendra Shimla.  Both the Bhajan Sandhya sessions were enjoyed by all the devotees.

The Retreat ended with the distribution of Prasad by Swamiji who emphasized to follow the teachings of Bhagavad Gita in their day-to-day life.

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

  1. Presence of Gurujee was everywhere whatever be the programme of retreat! It is very rare in life to have such an occasion, where blessings of all Gurus are ever with you. I wish more such retreats in future.  My thanks to all the organizers especially to Shri P.K.Koslaji….. L.Malhotra, Chandigarh
  2. Heartfelt gratitude to Swami ji for explaining and introducing Bhagvad Gita as per God Talks with Arjuna ! I was happy in participating in International Yoga Day and inauguration of Yogananda Village in the Campus. Many doubts were clarified during the Retreat……Express my thanks for hospitality extended to each devotee. This is the place where I found education with spirituality…….Mr P.V.Kondala Rao, Hyderabad  
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  4. The 5-day program of retreat is very admirable. Gita Gian is inspirational. All the things were beyond imagination. Yogananda Village is very beautiful and surrounded by natural beauty.   All management made by Mr Khosla ji was very nice i.e. living, food, transportation, etc. The University campus is beyond imagination. It is really very beautiful and decorative. Yogananda Library is the best library. Landscaping is also marvellous. Everything is systematic. Kitchen which is operated by Solar system is admirable….. Ms Usha Kumari, Chandigarh
  5. I really admire Swamiji for delivering such great knowledge of Gita. It inspired me. Yogananda Ville was also very nice and near to nature. All the arrangements made by Mr Khosla Ji were very nice. I enjoyed the retreat very much…University is really very beautifully decorated. Yogananda Library is the best library. Cleanliness is there in all over the university…. Ms Nirmal Kaushal, Chandigarh
  6. Retreat was very well organized. Accommodation and food provided during the stay was very good.  Classes on Gita explanation further enhanced our understanding of the Bhagvad Gita concepts.  Group meditation class also increased our depth of meditation. I liked newly inaugurated Yogananada Ville hut with all the facilities required for stay and meditation. The University is  research driven with world class facilities … Ms Kiran Verma, Gazipur, UP
  7. All the programs of this retreat were very good. The accommodation provided was nice. The organizers were very cordial and helpful. The food provided was excellent. Shoolini University is excellent….Mr Kamal Bajaj, Panchkula, Haryana
  8. So far as the Retreat is concerned, it is always good. The arrangement made by the organizer was excellent and full of love. Personal care of the devotees was really appreciable. I express my deep gratitude…Beautiful environment in the lap of hills; I found it pleasant and soothing…. Mr Rajender Agarwal, Solan, HP
  9. The retreat was well planned and executed. Stories told during the discourse made comprehension much better and very interesting. University has a very neat and clean campus…..Dr J.P.Soni, Panchkula Haryana
  10. Very well planned; everything was very good. University has a very nice infrastructure with the abundance of nature…GantavyaTalwar, Jallandhar,Punjab
  11. Presence of Swami Krishnanandaji fills up our heart with joy. My several doubts were removed and my purpose of Retreat was fully achieved. BhajanSandhya was simply divine. Food, accommodation and transport were marvelous. Magic of Dr PK Khosla was visible everywhere. Disciplined students, helpful faculty and supporting staff… Ganesh Prasad Dixit, Gomatinagar, Lucknow, UP
  12. The very purpose of such retreats is withdrawal of our attention from outer world and improving of our concentration towards inner world through Kria yoga techniques. That way it was very useful and successful effort. Shoolini University made excellent arrangement to provide all types of facilities …. ChiranjiLal Saini, Podar, Rajasthan
  13. For the first time, a five day Retreat at Shoolini University is an excellent idea. Everything was arranged and planned meticulously. Lectures were thought provoking and inspired the participants to love God and Gurus more and more…. University is par excellent in every field.  An amazing creation! Arrangements for stay, food, everything beyond description!….. L.Gupta, Chandigarh
  14. Wonderful experience! Arranged with devotion. One more Retreat can be planned at Yogananda Ville.Very nicely maintained university blessed with joyful vibrations…. K.Arora, Chandigarh
  15. Hats off to Dr P.K.Khosla, Mrs Khosla, N.D.Sharma, Dr Chandrika Attri, Dr Supriya, Col Shyam Singh and all others who so nicely organized this Gita Gyan Retreat! Thanks to Kitchen staff for delicious food. Thanks to Transport Deptt for extending their continuous service by transporting devotees to different places. Heartiest regards and deep appreciation for the surprise gift of Swamiji’s Hut and the inauguration of Yogananda Village the dream of our Guru which has been materialized by you all … Diwakar Dutt Sharma, Anand Shikhar, Shimla
  16. No words to express my gratitude to the University authority who managed the Retreat of five days so wonderfully. All devotees were staying comfortably and food was very good. The university campus is so beautifully decorated by all types of green plants and other decorations… L.Chauhan, Shimla
  17. It was a divine experience. Spending the time with Swami Krishnanandaji in the serene environment of the University with fellow devotees and dwelling on the pearls of Gita is an unforgettable experience. The arrangements made by the university were fabulous and the service with humility is worth praising. The Yogananda ville inaugurated by revered Swami Ji is the paradise in the forest and a great gift by the University to Guruji and devotees alike. The University is a big name in the field of education and is known to everyone … Lalit Aggarwal, Solan, HP
  18. Five day spiritual Gita Gyan Retreat deserves great appreciation. The whole atmosphere was very positive and encouraging. Enjoyed participation in International Yoga day at Police ground on 21-06-18…Inauguration of Yogananda Ville on 21-6-18 was fascinating and memorable one…. Surinder Sawhney, Solan, HP
  19. Very well managed. Every need and comfort of the participants was taken care of. Love flowing through human hearts gave strength to our Sadhna. Helping and encouraging atmosphere…. Neena Thakur, Panchkula
  20. It was a unique and pleasant experience to be here. Lush green environment was very energetic and encouraging. Swamiji’s presence during meditation was very much spiritually vibrating. Gita chanting and reading was very inspiring. Everything arranged for retreat was appreciable. ..Triloki Nath Verma, Solan HP.
  21. Amazing topics and examples! Very sad that I could attend this retreat just for last two days. There are many facilities for student here and it is a great university that provides Yoga teachings to students which is very helpful in their studies…. Ekaterina Afawasyeva, Moscow, Russia
  22. I am a new devotee. Came first time in Shimla Retreat and now I have come here in this retreat; it was a wonderful experience in attending this retreat. I will remember this for a long time. The facilities provided for this Retreat were really very good. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful Retreat… Gurneet Singh, Haryana
  23. The retreat was so inspiring and encouraging! I really felt so lucky to join this retreat. University campus is so nourishing with spiritual vibration. …. Guru Deo, New Delhi