Swami Sri Amrananda ji and Brahamchari Sri Sheelananda ji arrived at Anand Shikhar in the afternoon on 10th September, 2014 where the members of Managing Committee and other local devotees received and greeted them with bouquets. This was followed by an informal meeting and lunch with them. Stay arrangement for Sannyasis was at Anand Shikhar.

Detailed Report on Monastic Tour for conducting a Retreat

On 11th Sept. a visit to local temples was arranged for both the Sannyasis. The Conducted Spiritual Retreat was organized at Anand Shikhar from 12-14 Sept. 2014 and it was conducted by Swami Sri Amrananda ji and Br. Sri Sheelananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 29 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Haryana,UP, Bihar, Rajasthan,Delhi, Assam and West Bengal.  Stay and meals arrangement for all the devotees was at Anand Shikhar. Devotees were charged only Rs.750/= as the registration fees whereas food and stay was free.

On the first day, the programme started with an “Opening Satsanga” by Swami Sri Amrananda ji. He pointed out that the theme of the retreat was “ To be Calmly Active and Actively Calm”. He elaborated on the theme by saying that bliss in life can be attained by being active but with calmness. One should always be cheerful while being active. We should avoid argument, be positive, have self introspection and always keep cool. One should keep minimum things to oneself so that the attachment to worldly things is reduced. Swami ji also illustrated his message with the examples of Guruji.

Br. Sheelananda ji had a session on Review of Energization Exercises with demonstration. It was very beneficial to devotees in correcting their errors in doing exercises.  After dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show on Guru ji’s life.

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On the second day, Swami Sri Amrananda ji while conducting satsanga,again focused on the same theme with more examples of Guru ji and other Saints. Br. Sri Sheelananda ji took a class on Review of Haung sau and Om Techniques. After dinner, devotees enjoyed Bhajan session by Sh. DD Sharma and his party.

On the last day, the programme started with satsanga and Kriya review by Swami Sri Amrananda ji. Devotees got their Kriyas checked up. Br. Sheelananda ji conducted a guided session on visualization and meditation. Br. Ji also had a question answer session on basic meditation techniques with non-kriyabans.  In the afternoon, closing satsanga was conducted by Swami Sri Amrananda ji. He concluded the retreat by further focusing on the theme of being Calmly Active and Actively Calm.

Energization exercises, individual and group meditations were done both in the morning and evening on all the days.
The three days program went on smoothly without any problem. There was an excellent coordination among all the organizers and volunteers.

Swami Sri Amrananda ji departed on 14th Sept. in the evening after the programme was over. Br. Sheelananda ji departed on 15th Sept. in the morning. Devotees were immensely satisfied, the way retreat programme was conducted by the Sannyasis.They said that the Retreat really reinforced their spiritual endeavour and it would help them to progress further.

We also express our gratitude to the Center Department for deputing Sannyasis for conducting such a successful program.