Swami Sri Amarananda ji, Swami Sri Nirvanananda ji and Br. Sri Gokulananda ji arrived at Anand Shikhar in the afternoon on 13th September, 2017 where the members of Managing Committee and other local devotees received them with bouquets and garlands. This was followed by lunch for all devotees and Sannyasis. Stay arrangement for Sannyasis was at Anand Shikhar. Swami Sri Nirvanananda ji returned to headquarter on 14th September in the afternoon.

The Conducted Spiritual Retreat was organized at Anand Shikhar from 15-17 Sept. 2017 and it was attended by 25 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab Gujrat, Maharashtra, and AP. Stay and meals arrangements for all the devotees were made at Anand Shikhar. Devotees were not charged anything for their stay and meals. However, they voluntarily donated funds according to their own wish.

On the first day, the programme started with an “Opening Satsanga” by Swami Sri Amarananda ji. He oriented devotees about the three days programme schedule and emphasized that the Retreat was a rare opportunity for devotees to acquire better understanding about the basic techniques of meditation and Kriya Yoga.

The Retreat Programme covered classes on review of Hong-Sau and Aum techniques, Energization Exercises and Kriya Yoga. Devotees practiced Kriyas which were checked up by Swami ji. Satsangas were also conducted by Sannyasis.
On the first day, after dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show on ‘Balanced Life’ by Daya Mata ji. On the second day, after dinner, a bhajan session by Swami Sri Amarananda ji was very enjoyable and spiritually uplifting.
Some of the devotees also availed themselves of the opportunity to have counseling sessions with both the Sannyasis on 2nd and 3rd day of the programme.
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The programme ended with closing satsanga by Swami Sri Amrananda ji on 17th September, 2017.
It was a smooth and well organized programme. There was an excellent coordination among all the organizers and volunteers.

On 14th September 2017, Br. Sri Gokulananda ji visited Dhyana Kendra Shimla and conducted meditation programme from 05.00 PM to 06.30 PM. The programme was attended by 28 devotees. He also conducted satsanga on “Seeking God Together” which was enjoyed by the devotees thoroughly.

Both the Sannyasis departed from Anand Shikhar on 18th September 2017, in the forenoon.
Devotees were very much satisfied, the way Retreat Programme was conducted by the Sannyasis. They said that the Retreat really reinforced their spiritual endeavour and it would help them to progress further in their sadhna.
We, the Shimla devotees, also express our gratitude to the Center Department for deputing Sannyasis for conducting such a successful programme.