This programme was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji and Brahamchari Sri Chaitanyananda ji. Swami Sri Krishnananda ji was already at Anand Shikhar since 31st March, 2017 while Brahamchari ji arrived on 11th April, 2017 in the afternoon.

Both the Sannyasis had informal meeting with the members of Mananging Committee to explain the key issues as to how the entire programme was to be conducted and other items need to be procured.

All the classes were held in the open ground of Anand Shikhar where a proper Altar and tents were installed. Adequate sitting arrangement was done.

In all, 116 devotees attended the programme, out of which seventy were from Himachal Pradesh and forty two were from other states namely Gujrat, Jharkhand, Chandigarh, Delhi, J&K, Karnatka, UP, Uttrakhand, Rajastrhan and Punjab. Four SRF devotees were from Italy and Columbia (South America). Most of the outstation devotees were provided accommodation at Anand Shikhar. Some of them were accommodated in nearby hotels. Sannyasis were also accommodated in Anand Shikhar.

Meal was served free of charge to all the devotees at Anand Shikhar. No registration fees were charged. However, donation was accepted from the devotees.

For managing the programme, twelve subcommittees of volunteers and organizers were constituted with a separate coordinator.

On the first day i.e. Friday, opening of Satsanga was conducted by Sw. Sri Krishnananda ji. He focused on the history and development of YSSI including various turning points. He emphasized that grace of Guru is very important for the spiritual progress of devotees.

Following this, a class by Br. Sri Chaitanyananda ji on “Review of Energization Exercises” was held. He said that the purpose of these exercises is to energize the body so that one feels relaxed during meditation. It should be done with great concentration, will and energy. Greater the will, greater will be the flow of energy in the body. He also gave practical demonstration of various exercises. He provided important tips for conducting these exercises successfully.

Post lunch session was on “Review of Haug Sau Technique” by Br. Sri Chaitanyananda ji. He described the very objective and method of carrying out the technique. He said that this technique could be practiced at anytime and anywhere.

After the evening tea, energization exercises and meditation were lead again by Br. Sri Chaitanyananda ji. Subsequently, there was a spiritual discourse on “Complete Surrender to God and Guru” by Swami Krishnananda ji. He offered important tips as to how we can practice surrender and advance in our sadhna.
After dinner, devotees enjoyed the video show on the life of Guru ji.

On the second day, Sw. Sri Krishnananda ji had a session on “Guru-disciple relationship”. He emphasized that it is a very pure and subtle relationship. Devotees must strengthen this relationship by being loyal to Guru. Besides proper practice of meditation techniques, Guru’s grace and blessings are essential.

The next session was on “Review of Aum Technique” by Br. Sri Chaitanyananda ji. He stressed that Aum is the symbol of God and, in fact, it is the physical (vibrational) manifestation of God. He also explained various steps of the Aum technique by demonstration.

After lunch, question-answer session was conducted by Sw. Sri Krishnananda ji. This helped in clarifying some concepts about spiritualism and meditation.

After dinner, Bhajan session by devotees was very enjoyable.

On the third day i.e. Sunday, Kriya Yoga Diksha was conducted from 08.30 AM-12.10 PM. Swami ji gave Kriya Yoga Diksha to devotees. In all, 34 devotees, 17 males and 17 females were initiated into Kriya. Many Kriyabans also attended the programme. Swami ji explained the technique of Kriya in details with demonstration.

During lunch, Swami ji and Brahmachari ji served the new initiates (devotees) with Prasad and meals.

Post Lunch, Br. Chaitanyananda ji also explained the technique of Kriya in Hindi and in simple words.

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Energization Exercises and group meditation were done daily both in the morning and evening.

While closing the satsanga, Swami ji reinforced the importance of regular meditation with total devotion. He expressed his thanks and happiness on the successful completion of the programme and congratulated all the devotees and organizers. Afterwards, during pushpanjali, Sannyasis distributed Prasad to all the devotees.

Most of the devotees made donations to the Kendra/ Ashram amounting to Rs.1, 48000/= which was deposited in the local account of YSDK Shimla. The amount of Pranami collected during Puspanjali including Diksha Pranami was Rs. 22,630/= which was deposited in the Axis Bank account of the Center Deptt. of Ranchi.

Brahmachari ji left Shimla on16th April, 2017 in the evening. He was seen off by the members of the Managing Committee.

The three days programme went on smoothly without any problem. There was excellent coordination among all the organizers and volunteers. Devotees had all the praise for management of the programme and for the beautiful way the Retreat was conducted by Swami ji and Brahmachari ji. We are highly grateful to them for putting in so much effort to make the programme so lively and wonderful. We also express our gratitude to the Center Department for providing all the necessary inputs for making the programme so enjoyable and a great success.


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Some of the feedbacks received are as follows:

This retreat was the most beautiful experience of my life. Swami ji gave us excellent training in meditation. During Kriya ceremony, we felt the presence of our Guru. I felt like a Home at Anand Shikhar…..Ellisa Vallejo Ruiz, USA

I have no words to express my feelings. I enjoyed every moment of the Retreat and felt the grace of Guru ji and Swami ji through out….Chandra Rawat, Solan, HP

It was the best experience I ever had in my life. The place itself, the devotees, the blessing of receiving Kriya Diksha directly from Swami ji and his personal attention to everyone made us feel unique…….Martha A. Lavergne, USA

It was a wonderful programme. Classes and satsanga were deep and uplifting. Kriya ceremony was beautiful and it was conducted in a true vedic style. Hopitality was perfect…. Spano Marco, Italy

It was a complete programme that helped me to interiorize better. Details provided during the Kriya Diksha will help me to improve my personal practice….Polato Anna Rita, Italy

The programme was very well organized. Training sessions by Brahmchari ji were very clear. Listening to Swami ji was a great experience. Bhajan Sandhya filled the hearts of all devotees with love and joy. Hospitality was excellent….Navin Chandra Kothiyal, Punjab

I clearly understood about the Energization Exercises, Haung-sau and Om Techniques. Delicious food was served…Vijay Adithya, Karnatka

Kriya Diksha ceremony was so profound that it felt like I received it again. The Retreat got all of us closure to God and Guru. The facilities compared to last time is ten times better and I feel this is the best Retreat….Ikshithri P. , Karnatka

It was a wonderful programme and I enjoyed every moment of my stay here. The atmosphere, here, is ideal for conducting meditation….Hitesh Kohli, Haryana

Words cannot convey the wonderful, unique experience of spending the last few days in the Retreat; the Kriya Diksha ceremony was the crowning glory!! Everything was just perfect…. We all came back so rejuvenated. The peace lingers on, still, and I am sure will do so for a long time, beckoning us to the Retreat again and again…. Neena Atrey, Chandigarh