It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji. The Retreat was attended by 32 devotees from HP, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, UP, Delhi and Gujrat. Two SRF devotees from Italy and Spain also attended the programme.

The salient features of the Retreat were guided group meditations both in morning and evening, satsanga, individual meditation, Gita Chanting, video shows and bhajans. Guided meditations were covered as step by step approach to meditation. Free time was used by the devotees for individual meditation, introspection and silent reading.

During the entire programme, devotees observed complete silence which made the Retreat much more special and significant.

The guided mediations were found to be extremely useful for both the new devotees as well as the old-timers.  The new students learnt what exactly is to be done through step by step in the meditation routine, and the old timers got a reminder of what they were not doing or neglecting!!


Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

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  1. It was a wonderful experience. It provided mental peace. Facilities were homely and excellent……Sangeeta Gurang, Kangra, HP
  2. The programme was simply awesome by Guru’s grace. It was life charging experience….Hospitality was excellent…Dr. Vikrant Kanwar, Kangra, HP
  3. The programme was really very good. Have few words to express my feelings….. Excellent facilities…Nijay Kumar, Mandi, HP
  4. Swami ji’s deeply moving and practical sermons and talks were eye opener and highly motivational. It helped me focus better and understand the meditation techniques to stay on correct path….Anvita Malhotra, Delhi
  5. A very enriching experience! I am taking back lots of learning, inspiration and gratitude in my heart. Bhajans along with music were very nice….Surbhi Rastogi, Delhi
  6. This retreat offered peace and contentment. It was a memorable experience. Facilities are adequate…KL Rastogi, Delhi
  7. I felt like in heaven here! All my stress gone! Teachings were very helpful in improving my meditation techniques…..Anoop Kumar, Fatehabad, Haryana
  8. It was a very good retreat…very good facilities….Gurmeet Singh, Yamuna nagar, Haryana.
  9. It was a very useful retreat both for old and new devotees. Felt energized and recharged my meditation…Rajiv Chanana, Shimla, HP
  10. It was a wonderful experience to enjoy the guided meditation step by step. Understood the basics of meditation techniques…Dr. Kamaljeet Singh, Shimla, HP
  11. The programme was much more informative and it enhanced the intensity of my meditation and devotion….Hospitality was excellent… Dr. Pramila Chaudhry,Panchkula, Haryana