It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The programme was attended by 34 devotees from HP, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Karnatka, Maharashtra, J&K, UP and Dehli.

The programme included satsanga, group meditation & energization exercises, individual meditation, Video shows and Bhajans.


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Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

The Retreat was very effective and helped me a lot in reviewing exercises and techniques….Kamakshi Sharma, Ghaziabad,UP

I have been meditating for many years but never got this type of guidance. Following Gita Chanting, meditation was very enjoyable…..Amita Bhelke, Pune,Maharashtra

It was a very useful experience in attending this programme. I learnt many things regarding meditation. Anand Shikhar is a “mini heaven” on this earth !…..Asha Sathe, Pune, Maharashtra

It was very uplifting, insightful and vitally helpful. Thank you Swami ji especially for stressing on the importance of JAPA and practicing the presence of God….Atmosphere is superb. Here nature is in its full splendor…..P.R. Subhadra,Pune Maharashtra

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Having attended this programme, I am feeling God’s grace. Henceforth, I want to utilize my energy more for spiritual development….Sandeep Verma, Panchkula, Haryana.

The retreat has been most helpful. Since meditations were guided, many of my doubts were cleared. Swami ji’s guidance on Guru ji’s teachings and how to make introspection a habit, has surely helped me to better my practices……Meenoo Hooda, Panipat Haryana.

The retreat has boosted my spiritual speed and I corrected my techniques. I am going back with more vigour, enthusiasm, joy, bliss, peace and power of silence…..Dr. Navin Dhir, Amritsar, Punjab

This retreat has improved my daily routine of meditation. Such guided meditation programmes should be periodically held to refresh and have better guidance. All the devotees , practicing the same technique at the same time seems to help everybody….Anoop Katoch, Kullu, HP

The programme has revived the meditation technique, which is generally forgotten. It will definitely help in deepening the meditation of devotees….Lalit Goel, New Delhi

Personally for me, it was the most memorable programme! It helped me to delve deeper into meditation and experience joy and peace……M. Sivakumar, Bangalore, Karnatka

It was a practical revival and review of the techniques. Swami ji reminded us what we had forgotten. Sometimes we skip and neglect some steps…..Lalita and Sudershan, J&K