It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji. The Retreat was attended by 37 devotees from HP, Punjab, Chandigarh, and Haryana, UP, New Delhi, J&K, Maharashtra and Vishakhapatnam (AP).

The salient features of the Retreat were guided group meditations both in morning and evening, satsanga, individual meditation, Gita Chanting, video shows and bhajans. Guided meditations were covered as step by step approach to meditation. Free time was used by the devotees for individual meditation, introspection and silent reading.

During the entire programme, devotees observed complete silence which made the Retreat much more special and significant.

The guided mediations were found to be extremely useful for both the new devotees as well as the old-timers. The new students learnt what exactly is to be done through step by step in the meditation routine, and the old timers got a reminder of what they were not doing or neglecting!!


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Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

Swami ji thank you for the guided meditations. You have changed-modified-the way I do my kriya !….Varun Malhotra,Noida, UP

After five years of irregularity, this retreat programme has rejuvenated me and motivation has increased manifold. May God and Guru help me!….Wonderful stay….excellent stay….K.C. Gupta, New Delhi

Attending this retreat was a unique experience. Swami ji’s detail guidance in meditation helped us to correct ourselves …..Food served was tasty and homely….Shanti Chavan, Maharashtra

It was a very good experience in my life in attending this retreat programme.Thank you Gurudeva and Swami ji for having provided me this opportunity….B.Uma Bandaru, Andhra Pradesh

The retreat programme was very well organized. Recitation of Gita daily in the morning is a nice experience and I will try to follow it in my daily practice. Tips for meditation provided by Swami ji will be very helpful in improving my daily meditation…..Manju Arora, Panchkula Haryana

It was really a wonderful experience. Gita Chanting was a new experience for me. Revision of various meditation techniques was very useful. Swami ji’s lectures were very interesting…..Dr. Ram Nath Arora, Panchkula ,Haryana

This retreat has improved my meditation manifold. But it is always Swami ji’s talks and loving manner in which he delivers them, that always touch my soul and increase my love for God and Guru ji……Neena Atray, Panchkula, Haryana

In this retreat, all aspects of meditation techniques were clarified by Swami ji. Swami ji also apprised us of the importance of introspection in our daily life and advised us to prepare a chart of daily routine and to observe the progress in all fronts…….Ganesh Dutt Dubey, Noida, UP
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Although we have attended many retreats, satsangas and sangams in the past but Swami Krishnananda ji’s retreat is unique of its kind and we love to attend such retreats in future also….Kamal Kumar Mazumdar, Noida, UP

It was a memorable experience. Especially, the teachings of Swami ji and the way he guided us was very good and will be remembered by me for a very long time…..Gurneet, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

It was excellent retreat. Got many tips for doing meditation correctly. Many doubts were removed during satsanga and meditation….Gurprit Kaur,Panchkula, Haryana

Thanks to Swami ji for guiding us for doing meditation in a proper way. Satsanga was really inspiring….Manjit Singh, Panchkula, Haryana

Besides meditation, I learnt as to how one can kill and defeat the selfishness and negate ego……Dr. Navin Dhir, Amritsar, Punjab

This retreat not only makes the mind introvert but also helps in keeping stillness for a longer period. It was amazing to experience here that meditation happens spontaneously….Guru Deo, Bangalore, Karnatka

It was so comprehensive and included much more than we expected. Counseling would have helped even more… Chetan Shinde, Maharashtra

Swami ji guided us in a wonderful way in doing meditation. I think I should attend this kind of retreat time and again….Gurdeep Singh, SBS Nagar, Punjab

It is my first ever experience of having attended this type of retreat. So many new techniques were learnt. Swami ji told us so many motivational and inspiring stories in a beautiful way…..Gurpreet Singh Mann, SBS nagar, Punjab

It was a wonderful retreat which helped us in getting more interiorized. We received many tips which would strengthen our future meditation practice…B. Venkateswara Rao, A.P.

Well structured programme. Swami ji’s discourse and guidance was inspiring, spiritual and uplifting…Anant Kumar Dhul, Chandigarh

Swami ji, you like our true father and Guru Ji’s  true teacher taught / retaught us how to be attuned with beloved God through energisation exercises, meditation techniques and how to practice presence of God in daily life, increase devotion through chanting, affirmations and also to do daily introspection on our sadhna and other habits….Satya Dev kohli, Chandigarh

Words fail to describe the experience of the retreat. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. I bow at you feet, Swami ji, in gratitude. Many thanks to Shimla Devotees for making this happen. I pray to Guruji to help me visit this place again… …..Purnima Dubey, Pune, Maharashtra