Easter Retreat was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji from 3-5April, 2015 at Anand Shikhar and it was attended by 28 devotees from USA, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Jharkhand (Ranchi), Kerala, Delhi and HP.

Besides morning–evening energization exercises, individual and group meditation sessions, it included satsangas, review of meditation techniques and video shows.

The topics of the satsangas were Guruji’s articles on Christ from the book “Man’s Eternal Quest”. In the afternoons, Swami ji reviewed the Energization Exercises, Hong Sau and Om techniques as well as Kriya Yoga.  The devotees also had their Energization Exercises checked up three times during this retreat. Daily after the dinner, devotees were shown films on “Jesus of Nazareth” and his time spent in India.The programme was enjoyed by all the devotees and they felt spiritually uplifted.

Feedbacks received on the Retreat

The Retreat was an incredible experience of Master’s love and experience. Arriving here for the first time, I found the Retreat Centre to feel live a positive home away from home. No other Ashram I have visited has the same atmosphere of peace. The classes were very helpful. There was so much wisdom coming from Swami ji and it was spiritually uplifting experience. The Bhajans were a Divine experience. –Jensen Martin. SRF

I enjoyed the programme very much. I was benefitted physically, mentally and spiritually. It was a great fortune having visited Shimla Retreat. – Alka B. Vashi, Gujrat

It was wonderful spiritual experience for me being with Swami ji and having attended the programme on Easter Retreat. – Ranjit Jariwala, Mumbai

Being here during the Retreat, certain wholesomeness takes over you and environs transport you to a pristine purity healing body, mind and soul. – R.V. Reddy, Hyderabad
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A spiritually uplifting programme. It was amazing experience which is difficult to describe in words. Anand Shikhar is a small heaven on Earth indeed. – Dr. Sajeev Kumar, 2nd Corps Dental Unit, Subathu, HP

Experienced an intense joy here. Coupled with immense love showered by Swami Krishnanada ji, made it  a heaven on Earth ! – Parveen Verma, Ambala

I enjoyed the programme and had a nice time here. I could learn about the life of Jesus Christ after Swami ji’s Satsanga and watching video. – Manoj Kumar, Shimla

It has been a truly wonderful experience. The place is an embodiment of peace, serenity, and tranquility. We are going back rejuvenated, happy, peaceful, and more at ease with ourselves. – Meenoo and Neha Hooda

I enjoyed the discourse very much and I could learn so many points about meditation techniques. Affirmations were lovely and sweet which I needed badly. – Dr. Ghanshyam Patil, Surat, Gujrat

It is my good fortune to be able to attend the Easter Retreat. Contents of the retreat and elaborate guidance by Swami ji helped a lot to deepen my sadhna and inspired me to give  greater efforts on spiritual path. – Jayanta Neogi, Ranchi