It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 30 devotees from HP, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, J & K, West Bengal and Karnatka.

The Retreat focused on training of devotees to play Cosmic Chants on harmonium, conduct energization exercises and group meditation. Swami ji also checked the way devotees did their energization exercises and guided devotees as to how to play harmonium and sing cosmic chants. Satsangas were conducted both in the forenoon and in the afternoon.

As usual, individual and group meditations were done by the devotees both in the morning and evening. Video shows/ Bhajan sessions were also arranged daily after the dinner.

Special highlight during the Retreat was the visit of the Chief Minister of HP Mr. Virbhadra Singh on 9th September. He was going to visit some place nearby for stone laying ceremony. He dropped for some time to meet Swami ji and devotees. Swami ji explained to him about the Anand Shikhar and its various activities. He was very happy for being with us.

On the last day of the programme, memorial service was also held for Swami Anandmoy ji who had left his body on 6th September, 2016.

It was wonderful and inspiring to see the devotees’ wholehearted participation and appreciation.

Some of the feedbacks received are as follows:

It was a unique programme in which every participant got an opportunity to learn EE in detail. Similarly, with the cosmic chants….. Highlight about the Retreat became the visit of Chief Minister of HP Mr. Virbhadra Singh on 9th Sept. 2016…A L. Gupta, Panchkula Haryana.

It was a great programme in which everyone learned to play the harmonium and chant perfectly…..Dr. Pramila, Panchkula, Haryana

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Love, joy and peace were all that I could find in this wonderful and memorable Retreat. Hospitality shown by the people here was truly wonderful and heart touching. I never missed my home!…..Pramila B, Bangalore

In this wonderful retreat, I mainly learnt how to play a harmonium correctly and also leant many chants. Swami ji also pointed out our mistakes while doing EE….Ikshithri P, Bengaluru.

I have absolutely no words to describe the essence of Guru ji’s teachings flowing through Swami ji! This place cannot be complete without the divine presence of Swami Krishnananda ji. I learnt how to play chants on harmonium and my mistakes while doing EE…..Pranav. P. Begaluru

It was an excellent programme and I am very happy having attended here. Leant about chanting and EE. Going back with divine joy and mental peace…..T. Dasgupta, Purulia, West Bengal.

It was a great experience and I have no words to express the same !….Santosh Anand, Chandigarh

It was one of the best retreats I have attended. I got the personal counseling from Swami ji regarding the EE and playing the cosmic chants. In case of Chants, my phobia about playing the harmonium has been considerably removed….Dr. Pankaj Lalit, Shimla

It was really a divine and great experience. Had the opportunity to improve EE and learn how to play chants on harmonium. It was also a sacred moment to be a part of the memorial service offered to Swami Anandmoy ji….Dr. Rajiv Saizal, Solan, HP

Very knowledgeable and got improvement in doing EE and playing cosmic chants. Wish to come here again and again….Rajnish Sharma, Pathankot, Punjab