It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 25 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, J&K and Delhi.

The programme started with celebration of Janamashtami on the evening of 24th August, 2016 in which devotees participated in group meditation and Bhajan/ Kirtan sessions.

The programme on all the three days featured Interactive Satsanga focusing on devotion/bhakti -yoga by Swami ji. There were references mainly from “God Talks with Arjuna” and Guru ji’s lessons. Bhajans and video show heightened the very spirit of devotion in the programme.

Group and individual meditation and energization exercises were done routinely on all the days.

All the three days were spent in Anand Shikhar by Swamiji repeating, reminding and reinforcing the importance of devotion in our spiritual journey. This was brought about by many different and wonderful ways. Every day’s morning meditation started with the recital of one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. The interactive session saw many devotees sharing their personal experiences of perceiving Guruji’s grace in their lives thus reinforcing their faith and trust in Guruji.

Feedbacks received on the Retreat are as follows:

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the programme. I experienced the divine peace and joy during the programme…..Jayanti, Shimla, HP

This programme has increased my devotion aspect in meditation which in turn has helped me a lot in my spiritual progress and further search for God….R.K. Chanana, Shimla, HP

I have been benefited a lot from the programme. The element of devotion has really improved my meditation. I also enjoyed the bhajan session by deotees….Dharmemder Kumar, Shimla, HP

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The programme had a refreshing effect on me and removed all my misunderstandings which would go a long way in improving my meditation process with Guru ji’s blessings…..Hans Raj Sharma, Jammu, J&K

I learnt what important things need to observed in meditation and how to progress. All satsanga and Bhajans/Kirtan sessions were very interesting….Balwant Singh Manhas, Jammu, J&K

I am feeling myself very lucky that I have attended this retreat. I learnt so many things about devotion and how to cultivate it……Gaurav Sharma, Una, HP

I am grateful to Swami ji for organizing this programme. I learnt how to cultivate deep devotion and one to one relationship with God. I got recharged with the grace of God and Gurus…..Lavesh Raikhy, Ludhiana, Punjab

The programme was wonderful and full of Bhakti. We learnt many things from Swami ji……M. Verma, Shimla

It was a very valuable retreat. The lectures of Swami ji have cast tremendous good impression on my mind and soul….Bindu Malhotra, Patiala, Punjab.

It was very informative, thought provoking and enlightening experience. Many of my queries were answered during the retreat…..Kedar Nath Banerjee, New Delhi