It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 33 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, A P and Karnatka.

The programme on all the three days featured Satsanga focusing on devotion/bhakti -yoga by Swami ji. There were references mainly from “God Talks with Arjuna” and Guru ji’s lessons. Bhajans and video show heightened the very spirit of devotion in the programme.

Group and individual meditation and energization exercises were done routinely on all the days.

All the three days were spent in Anand Shikhar by Swamiji repeating, reminding and reinforcing the importance of devotion in our spiritual journey. This was brought about by many different and wonderful ways. Every day’s morning meditation started with the recital of one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

The interactive session saw many devotees sharing their personal experiences of perceiving Guruji’s grace in their lives thus reinforcing their faith and trust in Guruji.


Feedbacks received on the Retreat are as follows:

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  1. I was so overwhelmed with devotion during this Retreat that tears rolled down my cheeks on chanting the very first chant in the beginning, “Who tells me thou are dark—” on 6thSep. This had never happened before. I think this was one of the excellent retreats. Swami ji’s talk on the last day was heart- touching……SC Gupta, Kullu, HP
  2. Swami ji’s Satsanga was very motivating and inspiring. I enjoyed the group meditation….R.Raghu, Chittoor, AP
  3. The experience of this retreat has been overwhelming indeed and it is difficult to describe the feelings in words.Satsangas with devotional hours of meditation and bjajans made it an unforgettable experience. My heart is full of Guru ji’s blessings after being here…Dr. Surbhi Sud,Shimla, HP
  4. Swami ji’s satsanga on devotion was very inspiring and I leant many things. I enjoyed everything and hospitality was excellent…..Suman Kapoor, Saharanpur, UP
  5. The whole retreat programme was very uplifting. I can’t describe the experience in words. Enjoyed all the satsangas, videos and bhajans…Facilities were very good…..Harleen Kaur, SBS nagar, Punjab
  6. An unforgettable and blissful experience in my life! This place is heaven on Earth! Listening to Swami ji’s soul awakening and inspiring talks enriched me beyond words…. Arya Devi, Shimla, HP
  7. I cannot express the feelings of joy and bliss in attending these retreats. Always Nitya Naveen Anand !…..Alka Laikhy, Ludhiana, Punjab
  8. My experience was wonderful. I have no words to describe the love and devotion that I experienced during this retreat. It is so addictive that next year I will be back for this Retreat……..Lavesh Raikhy, Ludhiana, Punjab
  9. The Retreat is very motivating and inspiring and helped me to understand the areas where I need to improve in order to be much closer to God and Guru ji……Srikanth Krovvidi, Bangalore, Karnatka
  10. Discourses by Swami ji on Devotion-Bhakti- were very knowledgeable. Bhajans were so enjoyable…….G.S. Rathore, Shimla, HP
  11. Every time I visit Anand Shikhar, I find all the answers to my questions. This is really amazing aspect of this heavenly retreat…..Gurmeet Singh Mann, SBS Nagar, Punjab
  12. I am very lucky to come here and attended this retreat. There have been great help in knowing, feeling and living with devotion during this retreat. It helped me in moving forward in my sadhna….Rahul Rastogi, Gurugram, Haryana