This three days programme was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 29 devotees from HP, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, J&K, Bihar and Karnatka.

The main features of the programme were, Gita Chanting, review of all the Kriya lessons from 1 to 10 and satsangas. Swami ji demonstrated and checked the Kriya practice of all the Kriyabans.


Group meditation, individual meditation and energization exercises were done routinely on all the days. Daily Video show or Bhajan session after the dinner, were wonderful and overflowing with devotion.

Some of the feedbacks received are as follows:

I gained so much from this retreat. I got time to improve myself and enhance my love for God and Guru. Swami ji corrected my mistakes and gave me so much of knowledge…..Lavesh, Ludhiana, Punjab

This retreat was a wonderful opportunity to revise Kriya lessons which most of us have neglected studying repeatedly. It was a rejuvenating experience……Anirudh Trehan, Pathankot, Punjab

The programme was very enjoyable. Swami ji told us many useful tips for conducting Kriya properly……Geetha KV, Bangalore, karnatka

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This programme was very useful to me. Many of my doubts about Kriya were cleared….NB Muthamma, Mysore, Karnatka

Swami ji emphasized on the importance of Kriya, Mahamudra and Jyotimudra with examples which will be permanently etched in our memory. We had wonderful time in meditations, classes and satsangas…..B Champa, Bangalore, Karnatka

The programme of deepening of our Kriya was a memorable experience. Swami ji, explained, interpreted and demonstrated Kriya technique in a lucid manner….Rama Bennur, Mysore, Karnatka

It was a very valuable programme which helped us in better understanding and practice of the Kriya technique. We had the opportunity to get our many doubts clarified……K. Prasanna Kumar and Others, Bangalore, Karnatka

This type of retreat is very useful for Kriyabans. Swami ji gave excellent tips about KriyaYoga practice…..R. Ramakrishna, Mysore, Karnatka

It was a rare opportunity to attend this retreat. Swami ji went into the Kriya technique step by step and I was able to understand the technique more deeply. Many of my doubts got cleared…..Rathna GL, Mysore, Karnatka

This retreat helped me in clarifying the finer details of Kriya technique. More importantly, it helped me to love Guru ji and thus feel him with me. Lucid explanation given by Swami ji has cleared many of my doubts….Rahul Rastogi, Gugaon, Haryana

Swami ji demonstrated Kriya technique step by step and clarified many points. This has helped me in correcting my mistakes…Makhan Lal Kaul, Jammu, J&K

It was a unique experience of my life in attending this retreat. In real sense it is here that I could understand the Kriya technique. I was also inspired to recite Gita daily here…..DD Singh, Patna, Bihar

I was largely benefited because I learnt how to have mastery over the Kriya Technique. Many useful tips were given by swami ji for performing the Kriya….ML Mankotia, Shimla, HP

It was an outstanding programme. It helped me in clarifying many doubts…..RK Singh, Shimla, HP