This is a feedback post for Gita Gyan Retreat sent by Vijay Singh.

I feel very calm and happy to join here in Gita Gyan Retreat. It is very necessary to join such types of retreat to change our mind from worldly atmosphere / city life. I can’t say in words for such types of retreat. I feel very much anand to read the Gita in ‘Sanskrit Path’.

Question and answer sessions were also very fruitful for us to read explanation directly. Knowledge imparted on “God talks with Arjuna” was very fruitful and was imparted in such a manner by Swami ji that we could get only the very important part. It was all most beautiful to be explained by swami ji. Every bhajan was very bhaktimay .

“Now I feel that Bhagwad Gita must be an essential part for every kriya yogi . Now I promise that Gita will be a part of my sadhna”.

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“In future I request you to continue “ Gita Gyan Retreat” from time to time”.

Jai guru
Vijay Singh
L No. – 57005-G .