Rahul Rastogi , Gurugram, Haryana.

Subject: Gratitude to Swami Sri Krishnananda ji
Jai Guru Swami ji!

Charan Sparsh. I want to thank you for inspiring me to study God Talks with Arjuna.

Yesterday evening, I sat down in the room upright and cross legged with gaze up and doing nothing else but listening to the Gita recitation. An amazing experience… it kept me still and listening all the way up to chapter ten. All through this, there were continuous nudging/ movement of subtle currents both in the brain as well as the spine. It was a lot of joy and body felt invigorated.

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I am now very clear that Gita recitation as well as Gita study is part of my daily routine.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

Warm regards & love