Dr. Moreno Toldo, Kiran Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Disabled Children, Madhopur, Kuruhuan PO, 221005 Varanasi, UP.

The retreat conducted by Sw. Krishnananda has been globally highly successful, a source of inspiration for spiritual life and appreciation of the richness of Indian culture, so lively expressed in the devotees who took part.

The creative and stimulating way Swamiji had organized the daily programs made me feel returning to the period of high school studies, when there was eagerness to learn and sharing among fellows. During the study in groups (we were divided in three groups of 10 each), while answering the questions, we could exchange our understanding and personal experiences related to the topics.

The hours spent in personal reading have strengthened the commitment to make Bhagwat Gita (BG) and Master’s comment on it a daily practice. Chanting BG stanzas in Sanscrit and reading Master’s translation has been a special experience of elevation of the mind to such heights of beauty and joy.

Swami Krishnananda satsangas have helped clarify and strengthen the attitude of surrender to God, develop devotion and humbleness, respect for all creatures. My poor understanding of Hindi has not allowed me to appreciate the evening movies, so I spent more time reading Master’s explanations to BG.

Overall organization of retreat, accommodation and meals has been excellent. The beauty and peace of Anand Shikhar are an important component of the global success of the retreat.

My wish and suggestion is to have this sort of retreats increased in number, for the benefit of more devotees, who so would have the chance of diving deeper in the truth and beauty of the sacred texts and receive in abundance Master’s blessings.

Dr. K.V. Ramarao, AP

I am happy and grateful. It is a nice training- a training in TAPAS, a training in SWADHYAY and a training in Ishwar Pranidwan ! That too in a beautiful hermitage setting!

This Gita Retreat experience, strongly recalled to my mind the enchanting Rishi-Ashram days of Ancient India! Thank you for the wonderful experience !

Dr. Richa gupta, Indirapuram, UP.

I am thankful to God and Gurus to provide me with the blessings in the form of Gita Gyana Retreat.

“God talks with Arjuna” was made so easy by Swami ji’s question- answer session. Swami ji, your discourses on “Surrender” and “Devotion” were heart touching…

Ms. Kusum Dutta, Jaipur.

It was a very unique type of experience which I will always remember. Apart from this, there is a tempting view of nature here, that we can enjoy nowhere.

Ms. Bhalla, Mandi, HP

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The Retreat on Gita Gyana, provided an atmosphere full of God, love, blessings, serenity and spirituality bringing us closer to mother nature which is a grace of God and Divine Mother.

Swami ji delivered a wonderful and enlightening talk.

Zina Sharma, SRF Toronto, Canada.

If this is not Heaven, then one wonders what Heaven will be like! This is how Anand Shikhar represents for me.

I am truly blessed by Master to have had this opportunity to be able to attend the Gita Gyana retreat. It is a blessing to be part of master’s family!

Tanupriya Kukreja, Delhi

I had a blissful, wonderful and joyful experience throughout the whole period of Gita gyana Retreat. The way the Bhagwat Gita teachings are given (through reading shalokas, listening to them and chanting along.

And then how Swami ji recited the meaning of each shaloka) is wonderful. It was such a beautiful learning experience, which I can’t even express.

B.S. Kukreja, Delhi

Very inspiring retreat for me, who has never read Gita before. My wish is to attend this type of Retreat time and again.

K.P.Dua, Delhi

I express my thanks and gratitude to all those, especially Swami ji for organizing such type of Retreat. I would like to attend Retreat on Gita Gyana again and again.

P.K.Gupta & Sneha Gupta, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP.

The experience of participation in Gita Gyana Retreat has been intensely touching and satisfying. Gita recitation and thereafter listening to the translation in Hindi coupled with group discussion followed by presentations- all have led to better insight into this most precious spiritual treatise- the Gita.