This is a feedback post for on Gita Gyana Retreat by Dr.CD Sharma which was held from 9th to 12th August, 2012

Dear Swami ji,

Thank you very much for sending the photos of the Gita Gyana Retreat. Photos have come out very well. We will also put them on our website.
After attending this Retreat on Gita Gyana, a long time felt need has been fulfilled. It was due to your special interest taken to arrange this retreat for local devotees who mostly remain left out due to rush of devotees from outside. You have been so kind in motivating local devotees for attending this retreat.

The Retreat was planned and organized in such a nice way that devotees were enjoying every bit of it. Besides routine morning – evening energization exercises & meditation, there were sessions on Gita recitation of Shalokas and reading of their Hindi translation by Swami ji, Satsanga on “Total surrender to God”and “Influence of Three Gunas of Prakriti” on man, Group discussion on questionnaire based on selected chapters of The Gita “ God Talks With Arjuna” followed by presentation of each group. All these sessions were so absorbing and enjoyable. We also enjoyed the celebration of Janamashtami on 9th evening with a beautiful Bhajan session by Mr. D. D.Sharma and Dr. Keshav Party. A video session on the dialogues between Arjuna and Lord Krishna on 10th evening was very interesting. On the third day, performing Arty on the Gita was the culmination of the whole programme.

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Swami ji, we express our grateful thanks to you and appreciation for all the efforts made by you in conducting the whole programme and other retreats single handedly.

I am also requesting other devotees to send their feedbacks.

In Guru ji’s love,
CD Sharma