Report on Easter Retreat from 18-20 April, 2014

Easter Retreat was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji from 18-20 April, 2014 at Anand Shikhar and it was attended by 21 devotees from Singapore, Varanasi, Bangalore, Luck now, Haryana, Chennai, Gujarat and HP.
Besides morning–evening energization exercises, individual and group meditation sessions, it included satsangas, review of meditation techniques and video shows.

The topics of the satsangas were Guruji’s articles on Christ from the book “Man’s Eternal Quest”. In the afternoons, Swami ji reviewed the Energization Exercises, Hong Sau and Om techniques as well as Kriya Yoga. The devotees also had their Energization Exercises checked up three times during this retreat. Daily after the dinner, devotees were shown films on “Jesus of Nazareth” and his time spent in India.

It was a rare opportunity to the devotees who enjoyed every part of the programme.

Some feedbacks received from the devotees

N. Subramaniam, Chennai

The retreat was very thought provoking. Swamiji’s personal experiences gave a lot of inspiration to us. He advised that when we as householders put to difficulties we should have the determination and with our Guru’s blessings we will overcome them. The tips given on meditation techniques will be very helpful in our daily sadhana. Swamiji’s feedback on energizing exercises was very helpful and I got two exercises corrected. The stay was very comfortable and as Swamiji commented, the food was excellent. We are really blessed to be in the presence of Swamiji for Easter Retreat which was one the best retreats along with the Manali Gita retreat that I have attended in YSS.

Bharti & Ramesh Vibhakar. Vadodra

The retreats at Manali and Shimla were superb. We were blessed to attend these two. Beautiful surrounding in the mountains transported us to heaven. The retreats were very up lifting and they charged our batteries. Our techniques were corrected and we are eternally grateful to Swami ji. We look forward to come again to enjoy the satsangs. In fact I didn’t want satsang to end.

Anonymous Devotee

We attended Easter celebrations from 18th to 20thApril in the Shimla retreat. What a wonderful experience it is! I thank God, I did not miss it. Swami Krishnananda ji told so wonderful and unique things which I never knew till today. “Other life of Christ” a film was shown which just gave knowledge of his life. On the whole, it was a unique experience and we are going back taking with us great things_ guru’s blessings.

P.K Khosla, Solan, HP

My participation in Easter Retreat is a divine gift. It was not planned but I came accidently. It is one of the most enjoyable satsanga in which I learnt a lot about Jesus Christ and my devotion for Christ grew by leaps and bounds. Swamiji discussions were masterpiece. Stay arrangements and food offered befitted the occasion.
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Padam Prakash Sharma, Shimla

I attended the Easter retreat at Anand Shikhar and it was an eye opener for me. I had no clear idea of Energizing Exercises which I could only get through Swamiji and now I feel that I will be able to energize myself in a better way. Further, the stay at Anand Shikhar was marvelous. The guidance provided in the path of yoga is the first lesson and memorable to me. I hope to attend further courses during this summer at Anand Shikhar.

Kiran Barge, Belganv

Thank you all for organizing such a beautiful retreat for spiritual seekers. In fact, I learnt so many new things about Jesus and his presence in India. Swami Krishnananda ji’s lectures were inspiring with lot of information which can lead all of us on the spiritual path and devotion. Anand Shikhar Ashram is such a nice place for spiritual seekers and practicing yoga. This retreat has boosted my devotional aspirations. These memories will last for long in my life. I thank all the devotees and specially Swami Krishnananda ji who has given us an opportunity to understand Jesus Christ and his life in India.

Dr. Raj Kumar Singh, Shimla

I became member of Yogoda Satsang Society in 2008 and received regular lessons for three years, which I read thoroughly. I sincerely realized that this retreat is a milestone in my spiritual journey under the Divine guidance of Swami Krishnananda Giriji. The techniques of meditation such as Haung-sao, Om with spinal chakras, mental chanting of jai guru, which I learned will be fruitful for further journey toward Kriya Yoga. When I go home, I will sincerely follow this pursuit for higher spiritual journey and now will probably be joining Kriya yoga Diksha club. This retreat is good from all dimensions.

Dr. Madan Mankotia, Shimla

The three-day Easter Retreat, which was organized in Anand Shikhar Ashram w.e.f 18th April 2014 to 20th April 2014, was a unique and enlightening experience for me. I enjoyed every moment of the retreat. Demonstration and energization exercises in front of Swamiji during the session were quite beneficial for me and other devotees as Swami ji noticed many mistakes in the exercises. He also demonstrated in very simple manners how to perform these exercises in a right way. Swamiji’s briefing on Haung Sau and Om techniques for meditation was also enlightening to me. I am highly obliged to the organizers for the successful organization of this program. Thanks to the kitchen staff for taking care of our food. It was a successful program and I pray to Swamiji to organize such retreat every year.

Anonymous Devotee

Dear Swami ji, I thank you a lot for guiding us from time to time, correcting our mistakes and giving us your precious Ashirwad. I was in duality before I came here and I let it on Guruji to decide whether I should go or not and then suddenly Guru ji makes a decision through me to come here. I was detracted for sometime from this path but after I came here I am on the track again and I improved my mistakes. You taught us about energization exercises which earlier, I could not understand deeply, only through book. Swami ji I should attend such retreats at least two or three times in a year along with my daily practice, so that I go deep in meditation as taught by our great Gurus.

Anjli Rana, HPU Shimla

First I thank my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda ji who gave me the wonderful opportunity to attend these retreats. Both the retreats in Manali and Shimla were very superb I learned a lot in these two, which will be very helpful or useful for me throughout the life. I felt very lucky in attending these retreats, which also gave me chance to interact with the highly spiritualized people. Also I enjoyed the nutritious food in these two retreats and visited the new places. I thank Swami Krishnananda ji for his beautiful talks.

I.P Majithia, Panchkula, Haryana

I got ample opportunity to understand the basics of YSS techniques and their importance and role in day-to-day life. Swami ji‘s simple explanations of energizing exercises and Om techniques enlightened me and definitely it will help me to strengthen my basics and teachings of our Guru ji. I look forward for such opportunities in future too and sincerely pray and seek Swamiji blessings to enable me to attend such retreats in future. I personally thank all Shimla YSS devotees for providing such an opportunity in a heavenly environment.

Aman Sharma, Shimla

It was my good karma that I got a chance to participate in retreat. It was only possible by the grace of Guruji. It was amazing experience staying here and attending Satsang, meditation and specially the exercises. I felt joy, joy and joy every second, every minute. You actually feel the presence of Divine God here in Anand ShikharAshram. Special thanks to Swamiji as he guided us while doing energization exercises with his observations and making us do them in the right way. It was like he is there only for me as I never got much from the lessons and I got what I always wanted -“To be guided with the exercises”. One must visit this heaven “Anand Shikhar Ashram.”