This is a feedback post sent by Monika Negi from Ludhiana

I have come for the first time in any of the program and the way Swami Ji has conducted it is unforgettable.

I have read Gita many times but the chanting specially in Sanskrit Sholakas and question and answer really taught me a lot and created more interest to learn Sanskrit shlokas . I have started searching within me who all are Kaurvas and who all are Pandavas (Good and Bad), how to fight with my own consciousness to win over bad temptations or the sanskaras, pre destination and free will.

“Last, but not the least… I am feeling really blessed and I humbly request you to conduct such programs for the upliftment of devotees . “

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At the end I am whole heartedly thankful to all my Gurus for bringing me here and I hope I would enjoy this type of solitude with the grace of God and Guru all the time .

Jai Guru
Monika Negi