A Spiritual Retreat on the theme of ‘“Kriya Yoga: Tapa- Swadhyayana – Ishwarapranidhana” was held at Shoolini University Solan w.e.f. 14-16 June, 2019 under the aegis of Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. 

In this Retreat 30 devotees from different parts of the country (West Bengal, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, UP, Punjab, Chandigarh etc.) took part.  In addition, 20 devotees from the University also attended the 3-day Retreat.

The Retreat was held as per schedule approved by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. Some of the special features of the Retreat are enumerated hereunder:-

  1. On the first day of the Retreat, Swami Sri Krishnanandaji unveiled the bust of Nobel Laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.  The function was attended by all the employees of the university besides the participants of the Retreat.  Swami Ji highlighted the achievements of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar which was full of inspiration to the staff, students and devotees of the Retreat.  Speaking on the occasion,   Prof P.K.Khosla, Vice Chancellor of the University exhorted the students and young faculty to tread the path of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and aspire to be a Nobel Laureate. 
  2. The inaugural session of the Retreat was held in the Ratan Tata Hall of the University which was attended by all the employees and students, besides the devotees.  In his inaugural address, Swamiji highlighted the importance of Kriya Yoga and exhorted the audience to tread the path of honesty and spirituality.
  3. Since the Retreat was on the theme of “Kriya Yoga: Tapa Swadhyayana – Ishwaraparanidhana”, therefore, it was made compulsory for all the B.Sc. Yoga students to participate in this Retreat.
  4. As usual, the morning session was devoted for the recitation of Shalokas from the Bhagavad Gita followed by its explanation by Swamiji. Devotees had many questions which were fully explained by Swami ji with adequate similes.  The meditation sessions were also enjoyed by all.
  5. A video show was organized on 14th June, 2019 on the ‘Gita Discourse by Lord Krishna’ (From Mahabharata Serial). A Bhajan Sandhya by the devotees of Shoolini University and Shri D.D.Sharma ji, a senior devotee from Dhyana Kendra Shimla was organized on 15thJune, 2019.   The session of Bhajan Sandhya was enjoyed by all the devotees.
  6. On the last day, i.e. 16thJune 2019, Swami ji concluded the programme with emphasis to follow the teachings of ParamahansaYogananda. The Retreat ended with the distribution of Prasad by Swamiji.

Some of the feedbacks received from the participants are as follows:

  1. Beyond doubt, I have felt here Pure Joy, holy company, inspiration from Swami Ji and Shri P.K.Khosla, Vice Chancellor of the University.  It is a wonderful experience, which I can never forget, to be shared with other devotees… University is one of the cleanest one developed in a few years.  . Harvansh Kumar Arora, Jalandhar City, Punjab
  2. Awesome! Excellent! Accommodation, food and meditation hall everything is perfect… Beautiful Infrastructure, I feel blessing of Guruji here… Renu Verma, NIT Jalandhar, Punjab.
  3. I found the retreat very helpful for me. I learnt and reviewed about deep meditation. Every arrangement was super……Sanjay Singh,  Phulpur Prayagraj (UP)
  4. Excellent arrangements! Very good retreat! Staff’s behaviour is so nice… It is a very nice University- natural atmosphere, nice location….. Ms. Niraj Bala Mishra, UP
  5. It was so heart touching! We had so much fun listening to what Swamiji told us through stories and his experiences. We would like to come here again and again for the retreat.  The vibrations were so peaceful and healing!  …Janahavi Bhatia, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  6. Excellent arrangements with great surroundings!  Very well planned retreat.… Most beautiful university with unique programmes… Pradip Kumar Vaid, Gurugram, Haryana
  7. Three days Retreat was a total bliss and peace of mind. I have enjoyed my stay here thoroughly. Everyone is very nice here. I would love to come here again and again…. Sarita Dutta,Gurgaon, Haryana
  8. It is a blessing to be able to attend this retreat. Very nice and clean place.  Good accommodation and tasty food arrangement. Nice meditation hall and exercise area. Swami Krishnanadaji’s presence uplifts discount generic levitra You’ll find around 200 medicines indexed by the search engines quickly. levitra without prescription http://davidfraymusic.com/events/theatre-des-champs-elysees-paris-3/ Symptoms to joint pain- Experienced symptoms of joint pain can be divided into different categories. Though many men suffer from the low cost levitra problem of impotence worldwide. Sustanon 250mg mainly used to increases energy require for aggression. cialis generico uk entire environment. Apart from Satsanga, video and bhajan sessions were uplifting…… Diganta Bhattacharjee, Sarjipur Road, Kolkota, WB
  9. Swamiji gave us valuable tips which I will try to remember and follow as take away from this retreat. It was organized in a very informal but purposeful manner. Swamiji’s theme for the retreat “Kriya Yoga following Patanjali’s principles” was very detailed and informative…..Dr Sanghmitra Purkayastha Bhattacharjee, Kolkota, WB
  10. A well planned and executed retreat. Teachings of Gurus were elaborated and we were made to feel as if we were floating in it. Natural and peaceful environment had added charm to the retreat…. Ranbir Siingh, Jalandhar Cantt, Punjab
  11. Words cannot express the peace and bliss that I and my whole family felt during this retreat under Swami Ji’s wisdom, love and joy filled teaching and all our Gurujis unconditional love and blessings.   Urvashi, New Delhi
  12. Awesome! Well facilitated arrangement! Good catering, humble service, beautiful, neat and clean environment; Pleasant blissful atmosphere. Bhajan Sandhya was blissful with melodious bhajans. It is Guruji’s grace due to which I could attend the retreat where Swamiji’s Satsangs cleared many of my doubts. …. Maya S. Mathpal, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  13. Excellent accommodation, hospitality, food, and the environment! Satsangs and meditation were beyond expectation. Cleanliness and the behaviour of the personnel were excellent. … S.D.Mathpal, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  14. Excellent arrangements for everything i.e. transportation, accommodation meals etc. which is a result of dedication and team work of the organizers of retreat… R.S.Ranote, New Delhi
  15. The retreat was well arranged. Every facility was provided to the participants. The environment was very conducive and vibrating. Swamiji gave very motivating and inspiring Satsanga. Atmosphere was filled with positive vibrations… Gurnam Singh Rana, Solan (HP)
  16. Three days spiritual retreat conducted by Swami Krishnanandaji was a divine experience to me. In the meditation hall, vibrations were so much that after entering it I was so engrossed and felt very light. I am going home with so much bliss, happiness and blessings. …. Usha Chauhan, Solan (HP)
  17. It was a well conducted retreat in the serene environment. I felt relaxed and recharged for the forthcoming days. The environment was soothing to the core and that really helped in rejuvenation. The silence around helped in introspection…. Neha Khanna, Solan (HP)
  18. Very refreshing and inspiring! Infused a divine reminder with simple yet powerful talk in regard to loving God. Always a blessing to be in the Sangat of other devotees! … Kunal Kahnna, Encinitas, CA, USA
  19. This was an excellent retreat. If retreat could be extended for 5 days it will be very good. …. Dr Guru Deo, Morarji Desai New Delhi