Br. Sri Dhairyananda ji and Br. Sri Nishthananda ji arrived at Anand Shikhar in the afternoon on 9th September, 2015 where the members of Managing Committee and other local devotees received and greeted them. This was followed by an informal meeting and tea with them. Stay arrangement for Sannyasis was at Anand Shikhar.

On 11th Sept. in the afternoon,   both the Sannyasis visited Shimla Dhyana Kendra where they conducted evening long meditation programme which also included bhajans. The programme was attended by over 40 local devotees. The programme really uplifted devotees’s emotional fervor and was very enjoyable.

The Conducted Spiritual Retreat was organized at Anand Shikhar from 11-13 Sept. 2015 and it was conducted by Br. Sri Dhairyananda ji and Br. Sri Nishthananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 33 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Haryana, MP, AP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Delhi. Stay and meals arrangements for all the devotees were made at Anand Shikhar. Devotees were not charged anything for their stay and meals. However, they donated funds according to their own sweet will.

On the first day, the programme started with an “Opening Satsanga” by Br. Sri Dhairyanandaji. He oriented devotees about the three days programme schedule and emphasized that devotees should make use of the opportunity to learn correctly the basic techniques of meditation and Kriya Yoga.

Br. Sri Nishthananda ji had a session on Review of Energization Exercises with demonstration. It was very beneficial to devotees in correcting their errors in doing exercises.

After dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show on Guru ji’s life.

On the second day, Br. Sri Nishthananda ji took a class on Review of Haung sau technique followed by a session on Aum Technique by Br. Sri Dhairyananda ji. After dinner, devotees enjoyed Bhajan session again by Br. Sri Dhairyananda ji.

On the last day, the programme started with satsanga and Kriya review by Br. Sri Dhairyananda ji. He focused on the significance of Kriya, what Guru ji said about it, how it is to be done and what precautions needs to be taken. He also demonstrated the Kriya technique, Maha mudra and Jyoti Mudra. Devotees got their Kriyas checked up.

In the afternoon, closing satsanga was conducted by Br. Sri Nishthananda ji. He stressed that regular practice of meditation is important. He said that for good results, observing of various steps of Ashtang /Raj Yoga was necessary. Seeking Guru ji’s and God’s Grace will further fructify our efforts towards our goal. He also advised to attend group and long meditations regularly. Rereading of our lessons will not only make our understanding better but also help us in correcting our practices.

Energization exercises, individual and group meditations were done both in the morning and evening on all the days.

Br. Sri Dhairyananda ji ‘s Bhajan programme further heightened the spiritual feelings of all the devotees. The programme ended with pushpanjali and prayers.

The three days programme went on smoothly without any problem. There was an excellent coordination among all the organizers and volunteers.

On 14th Sept. 2015, both the Brahamcharies spent the day for personal retreat.

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Sannyasis departed from Anand Shikhar on 15th Sept 2015 at about 7.30 AM.

Devotees were immensely satisfied, the way retreat programme was conducted by the Sannyasis.They said that the Retreat really reinforced their spiritual endeavour and it would help them to progress further.

We also express our gratitude to the Center Department for deputing Sannyasis for conducting such a successful programme.

Some of the feedbacks received are as follows:

The programme was well planned and executed. Both the monks made special efforts to make all the participants understand various aspects of meditation techniques…..Dr. Satvir Chaudhry, Panchkula,Haryana

With the grace of God and Guru, this programme was wonderful; I learnt different aspects of meditation, joy and peace. So many, hitherto, unanswered questions were answered…….Gurpreet Singh Mann, Chandigah

The overall programme and the environment were spiritually uplifting. Bhajans and cosmic chants were so enjoyable…….Kirti, Chandigarh

This retreat helped me to understand the basic meditation techniques in a better way and now I will be able to practice them correctly….Sandhya, Shimla

Both the monks conducted the programme with so much devotion and dedication. We are all going back from the retreat, spiritually rejuvenated and mentally relaxed and joyful…..Neena Atray, Panchkula, Chandigarh

The programme was well planned and according to the needs of devotees. Both the monks explained various aspects of different meditation techniques clearly and solved our concerns through counseling…..Harinder Singh, Chandigarh

The programme was most comprehensive. Explanation about energization exercises and meditation techniques will definitely improve the level and quality of spiritual life of participants…..Sanjay Thakur,Patna, Bihar