It was a three days programme, conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji. It was attended by 31 devotees from Mumbai, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, Utrakhand, Chandigarh, HP, Delhi and Argentina (SRF)

On the first day, after the usual morning meditation, the programme started with an opening satsanga by Swami ji and study of Holy Science booklet. Swami ji explained various sutras. It was followed by individual meditation by devotees.

During the post lunch session, there was a reading discussion of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Swami ji explained various sutras which provided clarity of the meanings of sutras in Holy Science. After the dinner, devotees were shown the DVD on Various Yugas.

On the second day, after the usual morning energization exercises and meditation, there was a reading discussion on the sutras of Holy Science and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In the evening, energization exercises were followed by meditation. After the evening meditation and dinner, devotees enjoyed video shows.

As usual, on the last day, after the morning energization exercises and meditation, sutras of Holy Science and Patanjali were read out, followed by simple explanation by Swami ji.

Being 10th May, 2017, as the occasion of Avirbhav Anniversary of our Param Guru Sri Sri Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, it was also celebrated with satsanga, meditation and offering of pushpanjali to Param Guru Ji. In the end, Swami ji offered Prasad to devotees.

After dinner, devotees enjoyed the Bhajan session by Mr. DD Sharma and his team.


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Some of the feedbacks received are as follows:

Though I considered Holy Science a difficult subject, yet Swami ji explained it in such a way that I have understood it and many of my doubts were cleared. The printed material provided was of great help. Video Show on Yugas further made it easy to understand. Regarding facilities, I have no words to express my gratitude to the organizers……Jatinder Nath, New Delhi

The contents, framework of programme and its conducting has been very encouraging and inspiring for a beginner like me. It has awakened and recharged my desire to explore this complex subject of Holy Science in greater depth….Hari Kishan Mathur, New Delhi
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The Retreat was very educative and interesting. I feel motivated to read Holy Science more times. Video Show on Yugas was also very interesting and informative. Facilities are very good….Romila Kumari, New Delhi

The programme was nicely organized and the printed material provided was useful. I feel greatly enlightened….Dr. Pramila Chawdhry, Haryana

The retreat was very inspiring and it has helped me to have a better understanding of Holy Science. Discussing Patanjali Yogsutras along with Holy Science facilitated our understanding of spirituality at a deeper level. Regarding facilities, everything was perfect…..Dr. Neeta Desai,Gujrat

The Retreat was inspiring. Swami ji took so much pains to make Holy Science and Patanjali Yogsutras understandable. This place is calm and has holy vibrations…..Usha Pratapray Trivedi, Gujrat

It was excellent retreat. Especially, two words touched me i.e. purification and surrender which I am going to practice thoroughly and regularly in my Sadhna. The Shimla Ashram is very calm and peaceful. Its vibrations are wonderful….Jaishree Patel, Gujrat

It was good and inspiring Retreat. I liked Patanjali Yogsutras. Facilities were very good……Sarla Dholkia, Gujrat

The Retreat has helped me in developing clear concept about the contents of Holy Science and Patanjali Yogsutras…. Facilities were as good as one may get at home…..Justice D.G. Karia, Ahmedabad,Gujrat

Swami ji with his in-depth knowledge of the Holy Science and the interspersing its wisdom with simple day to day anecdotes, witty remarks and references from Patanjali Yogsutras has endeared the “dreaded” Holy Science and ‘stern’ Swami Sri Yukteswarji to all of us….Hospitality here is always excellent….Neena Atray, Panchkula, Haryana

The most difficult topic was made easy and comfortable by the literature, charts and commentaries provided. Video show and Bhajans made the programme more interesting…..Dr. Satvir Chaudhry, Haryana

It was a real process of learning and enlightenment. I am feeling rich and recharged…. Facilities are excellent…. Kedar Nath Banerjee,New Delhi