It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The programme was attended by 23 devotees from Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh and HP.

The programme included satsanga, group meditation & energization exercises, individual meditation, Video shows and Bhajans. On the last day, arrangement of Sadhu Bhandara, brought special divine joy and blessings. Bhandara was attended by 11 Sadhus.

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

A unique and effective programme in the form of guided meditation has truly transformed and fine tuned my meditation practice. With Swami ji’s blessings I am regular with reading Bhagvad Gita and also chanting along with the CD. To my own surprise so far, I have been able to fully memorize 5 verses; it has opened new dimensions of wisdom in me. With Guru ji’s blessings I wish to continue this practice all my life so that Gita flows in my veins and blood like the same way as Swami ji inspired me…..Abhishek Kathuria, Chandigarh

This being my first retreat, I feel very blessed and humbled by the experience. The Retreat has lifted my spirits and has put me back on my spiritual pursuit for God…The experience of attending “Sadhu Bhandara” was totally overwhelming…Paramjit Kaur, Shimla.
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It has been a unique learning experience. Anecdotes and interesting experiences shared by Swami ji made the learning more enjoyable and effective. Sadhu Bhandara was also a unique experience…..Vinod Kumar Sood, Chandigarh

Swami ji guided us as to how to weave the Guru ji’s teachings into daily life—Practical Yoga for daily living. The Retreat has helped us to review the meditation techniques in more detail….Aruna Sood, Chandigarh

I wish, the Retreat could have continued for longer time! …S P Sood, Shimla

The Retreat has refreshed Guru ji’s teachings and meditation techniques. Sadh Bhandara has made it lively for the devotees….Rajeev Kumar Chanana, Shimla

The way Swami ji explained the Guru ji’s teachings and conducted guided meditation, was superb! Arranging Sadu Bhandara on the last day brought in divine joy on the face of all retreants….A.L. Gupta, Panchkula, Haryana.