It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji. The Retreat was attended by 33 devotees from HP, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra, Assam and WB.

The salient features of the Retreat were guided group meditations both in morning and evening, satsanga, individual meditation, Gita Chanting, video shows and bhajans.

Guided meditations were covered as step by step approach to meditation. Free time was used by the devotees for individual meditation, introspection and silent reading.

During the entire programme, devotees observed complete silence which made the Retreat much more special and significant.

The guided mediations were found to be extremely useful for both the new devotees as well as the old-timers.  The new students learnt what exactly is to be done through step by step in the meditation routine, and the old timers got a reminder of what they were not doing or neglecting!!


Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

  1. Swami Krishnananda ji and devotees created an atmosphere that is so conducive to peace, learning and introspection that you can’t help but think that it is all a part of Guru ji’s plan…… S. Morales, Mexico
  2. Excellent in all respects! I will never forget hospitality of your Ashram….Pallabi Borthakur, Guwahati, Assam
  3. Being a beginner, the experience during meditation was tremendous! I felt closeness with God and Guru ji under the guidance of Swami ji…….Rajan Malhotra, Chandigarh
  4. The retreat was very beneficial to me. Meditation techniques taught by Swami ji had a great impact on me…….Ravinder Shashni, Kullu, HP
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  6. Anand Shikhar really creates an environment of meditation, silence and dhyana..Swami ji told many things which should be adopted by us in our life…Video shows and bhajans added beauty to the programme….. Suman Malhotra, Chandigarh
  7. Retreat proved to be very beneficial as I got motivated to practice my sadhna more regularly…..Krishna Malhotra, Parwanoo, HP
  8. It was a wonderful retreat! With all the chanting and techniques explained, meditation was deep and enjoyable….Amanda, Mexico
  9. It was a unique programme in many aspects….. group meditation with total silence, maintaining posture, concentration at Kutastha, Gita Chanting, super concentration etc. …..Rajinder Agarwal, Delhi
  10. This retreat helped me immensely in understanding meditation techniques and their inter linkages. Now I will be able to meditate more effectively….Nirdesh Malik, Gurugram, Haryana
  11. In the last four years, I have been a regular visitor to Anand Shikhar and have attended more than 20 retreats. These retreats have been helping me in my spiritual practice and become a better human being. These retreats are the finest offerings for us to grab and satisfy our spiritual quest……. Rahul Rastogi, Gurugram, Haryana
  12. Many things get cleared and practice of sadhna is really becoming better and regular after attending these retreats…….Very thankful to the staff who take very good care……Neena Rastogi, Gurugram, Haryana
  13. I am so happy I could attend this unique retreat. I am grateful to Swami ji for conducting the retreat so lovingly and in much detail. Swami ji’s talks have been very inspiring!…….Neena Atray, Chandigarh
  14. It has been a great experience for me! New experiences like fixed schedule, meditation sessions, inspiring talks by Swami ji, Videos, Bhajans—all wonderful!!…..Neeru Soni, Karnal, Haryana
  15. Attended the retreat for the first time. It was a great experience; I learnt a lot through the inspiring talks of Swami ji… Enjoyed bhajans a lot !…….Rajesh Soni, Karnal, Haryana
  16. The retreat was really good with observing of silence. All retreats should be in silence. I learnt very minute points about the meditation techniques which we often forget..Satsanga classes were eye opener…..Dr. Pushpa Shashni, Kullu, HP
  17. Swami ji told many new things which would be very useful to me in my meditation. I enjoyed Gita recitation and Bhajans… Romila Kumari, Delhi
  18. Swami ji has provided many tips to improve our meditation. Video show and Bhajans were really so enjoying….;..Jatinder Nath, New Delhi
  19. Swami ji presented difficult topics in a very simple manner and I learnt a lot. Gita recitation has been very pleasing…Hari K Mathur, Delhi
  20. Amazing programme! Feeling blessed and recharged…Prathesh Dave, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  21. I attended the retreat on guided meditation for the first time and this provided me a set of practices which I would incorporate, as far as possible, in my daily routine. Introspection has been so very nicely highlighted by Swami ji. The video of Br. Anandamoyji was so powerful and inspiring; it has very suitably emphasized on the need to watch our thoughts………Pawan Sonthalia, Calcuta, WB