It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji. The Retreat was attended by 39 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and J&K.

The salient features of the Retreat were guided group meditations both in morning and evening, satsanga, individual meditation, Gita Chanting, video shows and bhajans. Guided meditations were covered as step by step approach to meditation. Swamiji also brought out finer points about meditation techniques and how to overcome obstacles in sadhana.

Free time was used by the devotees for individual meditation, introspection and silent reading.

During the entire programme, devotees were encouraged to observe complete silence which made the Retreat much more special and significant.

The guided meditations were found to be extremely useful for both the new devotees as well as the old-timers.  The new students learnt what exactly is to be done through step by step in the meditation routine, and the old timers got a reminder of what they were not doing or neglecting!! 

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

  1. The programme was wonderful. Every time I come as exhausted, worried, anxious and full of questions. Every time I leave energized, happy, relaxed, loved and uplifted…….Kavita Goyal, Haryana
  2. I liked the whole programme. I learnt many things. Facilities were excellent…Sanjyogta Naithani, Delhi.
  3. Unforgettable days of my life! The programme was excellent. I felt peace and harmony all the time here… excellent arrangement for stay….Bimla Mathpal, New Delhi
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  5. It was a very good programme and I learnt many new things. Most of the time I felt tuned to God and Gurus….Manju Mishra, New Delhi
  6. It was a very uplifting and soothing programme. Relaxation exercises were wonderful…..Gurdeep kaur and Harleen Kaur, Punjab
  7. It was such a nice programme which cannot be expressed in words. Throughout the retreat I felt the presence of God and Gurus here……Sneh Lata, Solan, HP
  8. It was a blessing for me to have attended this retreat. We tend to miss certain finer points in our meditation techniques, which were brought out by Swami ji. Video show and Bhajan sessions were motivating and uplifting….Anju Khanna, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  9. This retreat  is the most useful and conducive to help us to experience tangible progress in our sadhna…..RR Varma, Shimla, HP
  10. I was very much impressed with the programme. It was conducted in a disciplined way and I felt inner peace. I will work hard to do deep meditation. Gita chanting and Bhajan sessions were enjoyable…Facilities were very good…..Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Shimla, HP
  11. The programme was well designed and executed to meet the aspirations of new and old devotees. It was a great learning opportunity as to how to practice meditation correctly….OC Verma, Shimla, HP
  12. This retreat was very helpful in rejuvenating the body, mind and soul….Excellent hospitality…..Lalit Goel, Delhi
  13. It was an exhilarating experience. The techniques taught were simple and easy and the result was unique. By the end of the programme, I felt peace and tranquility…..Ritu Marwaha, Panipat, Haryana
  14. I loved the programme. I find myself fully charged after the programme…Hospitality was excellent…Sanjeev, Panipat, Haryana
  15. A blissful experience as ever! Small small things which we tend to forget to practice, were not only reminded but were also practiced. Swami ji, just being in your presence, it is so uplifting that I felt so blessed to get this opportunity……Parveen Varma, Ambala City, Haryana
  16. I enjoyed the programme. I could go into deep meditation in a short time. Bhajan programme was so nice, it is still vibrating within…C. Krishnamurthy, Palampur, HP

Images of Guided Meditation Retreat August 2019 event can be viewed here.