The programme was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnanada ji. The Retreat was attended by 24 devotees from HP, UP, Haryana, Chandigarh and Gujrat.

The first day’s satsanga was on the subject of introspection based on the chart developed by Brother Anandamoy. It focused on devotees’ attitude and behavior during meditation and work during the whole day.

The Retreat covered selected lessons of Guru ji for which the methodology was to read out them (lessons) in the groups followed by specific comments from Swami ji. Exercises given in the lessons were practiced and clarifications were sought by the devotees.

Swami ji selected the following lessons and exercises for review in the group of devotees:

  • Relaxation Exercises: L-5, L-105, L 134
  • Alternate Breathing Exercise: L-172
  • Heliotropic Healing (including the eye-exercise): L-43
  • Superconcentration: L-37
  • Diet and Health: L-18, L-89
  • Rejuvenation Exercises: L 165, L-166
  • Memory: L-64, L-168
  • Intuition: L-36, L-116
  • Tunnel Exercise: L-75
  • Kundalini: L-84, L-118, L-119

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As usual, energization exercises and meditation were done both in the morning and evening. Performance of Energization Exercises by the devotees was also checked by the Swami ji three times. Video show and Bhajan sessions after dinner on the first and second day respectively, contributed greatly to the spiritual bliss being enjoyed by the devotees. The programme came to an end on the last day with the closing satsanga by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji.

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

The retreat was useful as it involved discussions on several topics contained in the lessons. Swami ji’s explanations on topics like Kudalini, memory and diet control were very enlightening and invaluable. We were able to deepen our understanding about Guru ji’s teachings….Vivek and Neena Atrey, Chandigargh

The programme was very uplifting. Ah! What love and wisdom we received, words can’t express. Guru ji’s words, “Calmness is the living breath of God’s immortality in you” can truly be practiced here, in this “heaven on earth” where love of God can be felt deeply and communion with Him is transforming….Snigdha Mishra, Lucknow, UP

It was a great opportunity to review lessons. Swami ji’s explanations on certain aspects of the lessons were quite revealing. After attending this retreat, I strongly desire to read the received lessons altogether again…. Rajiv Saizal, Solan, HP

Mine is the first visit to Anand Shiklhar, Shimla as a lesson companion of my daughter and realized that I am blank. But by the grace of God, Guru ji and Swami ji, there seems to be a turn in my life. I enjoyed my meditation and felt rejuvenated…..Kishore Kaushik, Rampur, UP

The retreat down poured the essence of Guru ji’s teachings in lessons. I feel ashamed for not having studied lessons thoroughly. My heartfelt thanks to Swami ji for making us realize the powerful meditation techniques of God realization given by our great Gurus…… Mansi Kaushik,Rampur,UP

I learnt many things and felt Guru ji’s and God’s presence here……Renu Verma, Jalandhar, Punjab

This Retreat provided an opportunity to study lessons more deeply and understand thoroughly including the practical exercises. During this period with Swami ji’s presence, vibrations of Guru ji’s love, wisdom and patience kept on flowing….Manju Saxena, Lucknow, UP

Lessons chosen by Swami ji for the programme gave deep insight into Guru ji’s teachings. For the first time I realized that something is hidden in between the lines in Guru ji’s lessons which could be understood from direct conversation with Swami ji. The Retreat provided, in a short period, very healthy , spiritual and divine food in the form of Knowledge….Group Capt SP Saxena,Lucknow, UP

The programme was outstanding and covered very important lessons and marvelous techniques- a must for deeper meditation…Harish Chandra Mishra, Lucknow, UP