It was a five days programme, conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. 22 devotees from Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, UP, Haryana, W.B. and MP attended the programme. One SRF devotee was from Russia.

The main objective of this retreat was to develop a deep interest among devotees to pursue the study of the Bhagwad Gita scripture through GTWA because the same would help them in their spiritual practice as taught by Guru ji.

On the first day, the programme started with Gita Chanting and opening satsanga. Gita Chanting and satsangas were conducted by Swami ji on all the days in the forenoon. Satsanga focused on Gyana Yoga, Raj Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga based on the commentary of Guru ji as given in the “God Talks With Arjuna”.

Devotees were asked to study, individually, some specific chapters of GTWA and note down their doubts and questions.  In the afternoon daily, Swami ji answered various questions/ doubts submitted by devotees.

During the day, Swami ji emphasized upon the practical application of four Yogas in our day to day life. He said that none can escape activity (Karma Yoga) and discrimination or wisdom to select the right activity comes from Jnana Yoga. It is the Raj Yoga which teaches us quality of balanced living. He stressed upon the need for constant introspection of whatever goes on in our life.

Bhakti Yoga leads the devotee on a spiritual path with the assistance of a Guru. Swami ji disapproved the idea of spiritual robots and drew our attention to various measures which would inculcate devotion in us—like music, observance of rituals, japa, fasting and practicing selfless love.

After dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show on Mahbharata focusing on the dialogues between Lord Krishna and Arjuna.

There were also Bhajan sessions on two days which gave a very inspiring and devotional touch to the whole programme.

Besides, energization exercises and meditation (group and individual) were done every day, both in the morning and evening.

Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:
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  1. I am very lucky to attend this programme on Gita Gyana. Bhagvad Gita provides answers to my many questions. The programme was made very interesting by the lectures of Swami Krishnananda ji. After this retreat I will be more regular in my meditation…. Ekaterina, Moscow, Russia
  2. Attending this programme was a memorable experience for me. Swami Krishnananda ji gave an illuminating discourse on four Yogas described in the Gita—the Karam Yoga, the Jnana Yoga, the Raj Yoga and the Bhakti Yoga….Praveen Sharda, Chandigarh
  3. I found a great peace and felt rejuvenated. Most of the times I found myself connected with God and Guru!…..Santosh Kumar Singh,Motihari, Bihar
  4. It is God’s grace that I could participate in this retreat. It was very beneficial and well organized…….Kamlesh Sharma, Muzafferpur, Bihar
  5. I was benefited a lot in this programme and would like to come again and again….Shalender Prasad Verma, Muzafferpur, Bihar
  6. I learnt a lot about various Yogas explained in the Gita from Swami ji…I am really impressed with the kind behavior of all organizers and other staff….Ramesh Chander Ranglani, AP
  7. It was a great blessing and privilege for me to be able to attend the Gita Gyana Retreat. Immensely liked the inspiring sessions on the Gita and Bhajan Kirtan. The sessions were very uplifting and provided profound insight on the message contained in Gita….Sanjay Soni, Gurugram, Haryana
  8. The programme was excellent…beyond the words to express…. Hospitality was excellent…..Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Delhi
  9. Swami ji blessed us all by his presentation on Gita and answered all the questions. Video Shows and Bhajans in the evenings were very enjoyable…..Babu Ram Chandra and Devaki Devi, UP
  10. The programme schedule was very well planned and helpful in understanding the God Talks with Arjuna. Swami ji explained the teachings of the Gita so well…The atmosphere of the Ashram is very spiritual and lifted my meditation level…..Rajnish Sharma, Pathankot, Punjab
  11. It was a wonderful Retreat where we experienced divine bliss and blessings of God and Gurus. We are grateful to Swami ji for making us understand GTWA in a very simple way…..Lavesh Rakhy, Ludhiana Punjab
  12. Swami ji explained very well teachings of GTWA on various Yogas-Karam Yoga, Gyanan Yoga, Raj Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. I was greatly benefitted by this retreat. Enjoyed Video shows and Bhajan sessions…..J.P. Soni, Jabalpur, MP
  13. I feel privileged in attending this retreat. Swami ji cleared all the doubts with beautiful stories and inspired us to read at least one chapter of Gita daily.. Ashram is the most peaceful and beautiful place in the world….Alka Raikhy, Ludhiana Punjab
  14. Daily meditations and lectures on GTWA were very heart touching and we experienced the presence of God and Guru. ..Very fine stay arrangements. Blessings of Guru ji showering all over the campus….Hari Krishan, Pathankot, Punjab
  15. My coming to this place is like a visit to heaven. The Retreat kindled divine longings and bliss. The spiritual vibrations of Ashram induced peace and deep concentration. The Retreat filled our mind with knowledge and devotion…..Verender Singh Pathania, Pathankot, Punjab
  16. Considering my physical condition, it was not possible for me to attend this programme, but it was God and Guru ji’s grace that I did. I have no words to express my gratitude…I am very much satisfied and happy in participating in this retreat…Onkar Sharma, Pathankot, Punjab
  17. Many points related to the Gita verses were cleared by Swami ji and I was greatly benefitted. The Retreat inspired me to study the Gita. Days spent here will be unforgettable…..Santosh Sharma, Pathankot, Punjab