This Retreat Programme was conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji from 20-24 May, 2015 at Anand Shikhar. It was attended by 32 devotees from Punjab,Haryana,UP,Delhi ,Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Shimla and other parts of HP.

On the first day, the programme started with Gita Chanting and opening satsanga. Gita Chanting and satsanga was conducted by Swami ji on all the days in the forenoon. Satsanga focused on Gyana Yoga, Raj Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga based on the commentary of Guru ji as given in the “God Talks With Arjuna”. In the afternoon daily, participants were assigned questionnaire to be attempted individually after study of the Gita. Subsequently, during the interactive class, answers to various questions were presented in the whole group by the devotees with comments from Swami ji.

Discussion was centered on specific Yoga each day and confined to Guruji’s commentaries in God Talks with Arjuna. After dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show related to specific Yoga. There were also Bhajan sessions on two days which gave a very inspiring and devotional touch to the whole programme.

Besides, energization exercises and meditation (group and individual) were done every day, both in the morning and evening.

The programme was a great spiritual experience for all the devotees .Guruji’s grace and love was felt immensely by them.

Devotees were highly grateful to Swami Sri Krishnananda ji for conducting a very successful programme.

Some feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

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Staying away for a week at this Heaven with all the likeminded people was a wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot and it will be life changing and precious days of life. On the last day of the retreat I had the best ever meditation of my life. I felt the light and love of God. It was a lifetime experience for me. – Vishvadeep Noida, UP.

This Retreat was like an oasis in the vast desert! An amazing experience! The song of Gita was permeating within and without throughout the retreat. Swami ji’s conviction about the power of Gita was so convincingly transmitted to our souls that I am sure it will transform our lives too. – Praveen Varma, Ambala, Haryana

It was a great and blissful experience to be here and in attending the programme. I feel like expressing my feelings in the form of poem in Hindi. – Rachna Noida, UP

Explanation of various Yogas in such short period was wonderful. My concepts about Gita have been cleared to a great extent. – Ramesh Chandra, Gaziabad, UP

I am really impressed to see how diligently and so well Swami ji had made preparations for this programme! – Vinod Goenka, Mirzapur, UP

The whole programme was very interesting. The class on devotion was most touching and impressive. I have noted about 15 points to follow upon returning including daily reciting of one chapter of Bhagwad Gita. – Pawan Sonthalia, Kolkata.

I learnt a lot in this Retreat. Personal touch of Swami ji made it all the more useful. The whole programme was flawless. Vasudev Krishnan, Chennai

I have no words to express to you Swami ji for organizing Gita Gyana Retreat and to Guru ji for making it possible for me to be a part of this. With Guru ji’s love flowing through me, I am feeling so happy, spiritually charged and blessed. I go back with a determination to read a chapter of Gita everyday and put into practice whatever I learnt during the retreat. Meenoo Hooda, Haryana

I am blessed to attend programme on Gita Gyana at Anand Shikhar. The programmme was very nice and it helped me to understand the deep meaning of the message in Gita as explained by our beloved Gurudeva. Your blessing to practice regular sadhana and to go deeper in meditation encouraged me very much. – M. Dubey, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The programme was very uplifting. Through chanting of eighteen chapters of Gita in one sitting, Swami ji has given a message that one should read at least a chapter of Gita daily. – Devender Saha, Indirapuram Gaziabad

It has been one of the wonderful retreat and all I could say is that now after this retreat I felt like that God had been talking to me through these words of Gita and guiding my soul in each aspect of life. I am overwhelmed by the joy and that through your love and guidance I feel that God and Guru ji has answered all the quest of my heart. I feel deeply satisfied  and the  way you  conduct this Gita Gyana Retreat is marvelous and the hard work you do for each of us is God’s love coming to us through you. – Shikha Thakur, Solan, HP