It was a three days programme conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. The Retreat was attended by 20 devotees from HP, Chandigarh, Haryana, Uttra Khand, A P and Delhi.

The programme on all the three days featured Interactive Satsanga focusing on devotion/bhakti -yoga by Swami ji. There were references mainly from “God Talks with Arjuna” and Guru ji’s lessons. Bhajans and video show heightened the very spirit of devotion in the programme.

Group and individual meditation and energization exercises were done routinely on all the days.

All the three days were spent in Anand Shikhar by Swamiji repeating, reminding and reinforcing the importance of devotion in our spiritual journey. This was brought about by many different and wonderful ways. Every day’s morning meditation started with the recital of one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. The interactive session saw many devotees sharing their personal experiences of perceiving Guruji’s grace in their lives thus reinforcing their faith and trust in Guruji.


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Feedbacks received on the Retreat are as follows:

The guided meditation, satsanga on Dharma and chanting sessions will hopefully have a lingering positive effect on my consciousness till next time. I enjoyed every moment of my being here……Siddharth Sharma, Shimla,HP

This retreat was really very inspiring to me. Morning session of Bhagwad Gita Chanting and reading their meaning was really very nice. I learnt how important devotion is for the progress on the spiritual path……Neena Rastogi, Gurugram, Haryana

I enjoyed every moment of being here at Anand Shikhar….Onkar Nath Sharma, Pathankot, Punjab
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It was one of the most interesting experiences. The eternal quest of all living being is peace and bliss. The practice of Bhakti helps all the devotees on the path to bliss…..Kedarnath Banerjee, New Delhi

The talk given by Swami ji was very beneficial. I just felt that the topic of devotion discussed was really meant for me…..R.L. Ramaswamy, Malaysia

Gita chanting before meditation and satsanga on devotion was wonderful. I enjoyed very much the sharing session and bhajans…Logambal Marimuthoo, Malaysia

The Gita chanting was very inspiring. Satsanga was good as Swami ji draws references from so many sources. Bhajan session was lovely….Chan Kam Yin, Malaysia

The retreat on Devotion has inspired devotional aspect towards God and Guru ji’s teachingsHospitality was excellent…R.K. Chanana, Shimla, HP

It was a great experience to attend this programme. Lecture given by Swami ji on Gita was mind blowing…..Vinod Kumar Baksh, Chandigarh

For me, it was the latest miracle that I could attend this retreat conducted by Swami Krishnananda ji. It is a turning point in my Sadhna. I have no words to express my joy and upliftment…..N. Sree Rama Kumar, A.P.

The programme was very interesting and educative…..G.S. Rathore, Shimla, HP