Dear Ones,

Jai Guru! As per our previous communication regarding the Calendar of Retreat Programmes, a “Retreat on Yoga of Bhagwad Gita” had been planned from 6-8 June, 2014 outside Shimla at Temple Dandi Kotkhai. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this Retreat has been cancelled at the above said venue and instead another “Retreat for Meditation Leaders” is being planned at Anand Shikhar Ashram on the same dates i.e. 6-8 June, 2014. During this retreat, devotees will be trained by Swami Sri Krishnanandaji on the following topics:

  • How to lead Energization Exercises and meditations
  • How to play cosmic chants on Harmonium
  • There will also be a Guided long meditation.
  • Each devotee’s performance of Energization Exercises will be checked and corrected.

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It is, therefore, requested that it may please be brought to the notice of all the devotees and also Kendras may please depute some devotees for this Retreat. Interested devotees may please apply for the Retreat on the prescribed form available on our website Since there are only limited seats, registration will be confirmed on the “first come first served basis”. Kindly apply as soon as possible.

If the number of participants happens to be below ten, then the retreat will stand cancelled. This will be intimated to all the applicants in advance so that they may change their travel plans.

In Divine Service,

CD Sharma, Chairman
Managing Committee, YSD Kendra, Shimla

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