The Day was celebrated on 21st June from 12.00 Noon to 03.00PM at Yogoda Satsaga Sadhnalya, Anand Shikhar, Panti, Shimla. The function was attended by 130 persons who included 50 YSS devotees and around 80 people from nearby villages. The programme was organized in the open ground of Anand Shikhar.

To begin with, Mr. D D Sharma, coordinator welcomed all the participants and introduced Swami Sri Krishnananda ji and other senior devotees who were sitting along with Swami ji to the audience. He also explained the objectives of the programme.

Then Swami Sri Krishnananda ji conducted the “Open House” as per guidelines issued from the Center Department Ranchi. Beginning with prayer and welcoming the audience, Swami ji emphasized on the importance of Yoga in everybody’s life and how Paramahansa Yogananda popularized it in the west. He also focused on the life and teachings of Guru ji. Following Cosmic Chants, Swami ji, explained the importance of posture and then conducted guided meditation, visualization, healing and closing prayers. The programme was conducted in Hindi.

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Senior devotees like Mr. RR Varma and Mr. ML Chauhan also addressed the audience. They stressed how yoga has helped them and the role of Yogoda Satsanga Dhyana Kendra, Shimla and Anand Shikhar in promoting Yoga, YSS teachings and carry on the humanitarian work of the organization. Prof. PK Khosla, Vice Chanceller Shoolini University, Solan also highlighted the role of his institution in promoting YSS teachings among the students, staff and faculty.

Towards the end, some devotees sang cosmic chants and spiritual bhajans which made the programme very enjoyable.

A book stall of YSS books was also arranged at the venue of function. Some people purchased books. Five new members were also enrolled.

Finally, Guru Prasad and langar was served to all the participants.