It was a five days programme, conducted by Swami Sri Krishnananda ji. 38 devotees from Gujrat, MP, Haryana, UP, Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnatka, Chandigarh Shimla and other parts of HP attended the programme.

On the first day, the programme started with Gita Chanting and opening satsanga. Gita Chanting and satsanga were conducted by Swami ji on all the days in the forenoon. Satsanga focused on Gyana Yoga, Raj Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga based on the commentary of Guru ji as given in the “God Talks With Arjuna”. In the afternoon daily, participants were assigned questionnaire to be attempted individually after study of the Gita. Subsequently, during the interactive class, answers to various questions were presented in the whole group by the devotees with comments from Swami ji. Discussion was centered on specific Yoga each day and confined to Guruji’s commentaries in God Talks with Arjuna. After dinner, devotees enjoyed a video show related to specific Yoga. There were also Bhajan sessions on two days which gave a very inspiring and devotional touch to the whole programme.

Besides, energization exercises and meditation (group and individual) were done every day, both in the morning and evening.

Guruji’s grace and love poured in abundance on all the days as experienced by the devotees.










Some of the feedbacks received from devotees are as follows:

It was really inspiring to attend this Retreat. I had earlier tried to read Gita but every time left it there. But now I would like to learn the verses and understand the Gurudeva’s interpretation of Gita…….Rashmi Bhatnagar, New Delhi

The knowledge about various Yoga as imparted by Swami ji was very inspiring. We learnt a lot through the stories narrated by Swami ji……Ram Kumar Gupta, New Delhi

It was a memorable and inspiring experience having attended this programme. Explanation given by Swami ji were simple and heart touching…..Ganesh Dutt Dubey, New Delhi

I enjoyed the spiritual training in this retreat…..Maha Nand Prasad, New Delhi

Though I had attended this retreat last year also, yet, I could not stop myself from coming here this time because such a deep knowledge of Gita I never found. I will try to come again and again at this lovely place…….O.P. Singh, Lucknow, UP

I attended this programme for the first time. I found it extremely good and enjoyed it very much. I will try to attend this programme in coming years too….. Naveen Chaudhry, New Delhi
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The whole programme was very beneficial and uplifting. I feel like coming again next year……Vinod Kumar, Gurugram, New Delhi

Swami ji is indeed a divine soul and eternally blessed by all our Gurus and God. I pray to Almighty to  bless him with great health and may he keep on blessing us with his such  in-depth understanding of Gita…..Dr. Atul Nigam, Chandigarh

I am feeling all the joy and peace after attending the retreat. Thanks to Swami ji and to all the people who contributed to make it a success. The affirmation part of the programme was very helpful to me….Jaishree Lalit patel, Ahmedabad, Gujrat

Gita Chanting is mesmerizing. Stories and personal experiences of swami ji are very inspiring which add color and value to the retreat. It is a great opportunity for devotees to get a glimpse of the great epic in this retreat…..Pawan Sonthalia,Kolkata, WB

We enjoyed very much satsanga on Gita conducted by Swami  ji…..BM Girotra & Sudesh Kumari Girotra

The lessons on the Gita were really helpful. I am very happy after having attended this retreat……Dr. Neeta Desai, Ahmedabad, Gujrat

I have been introduced to the vast depth of God Talks to Arjuna in a concise form. I am confident that this will jump start my efforts in understanding and utilize the knowledge of Gita in my Sadhna as well as daily life……Rahul Rastogi, Guranv, Haryana

Please accept our gratitude for such a wonderful Retreat. We are overwhelmed by your hospitality & meticulously crafted minute by minute programme of Gita Gyana….. Kamal Kumar Mazumdar, New Delhi

A Retreat such as this one sets a platform to focus one’s energies on spiritual progress.

Plenty of tips on meditational practices were found in Swamiji’s discussions on Gita.

The summit of all yogas, Bhakti Yoga was poured out to motivate us to cultivate it which is necessary to find God.

This retreat has indeed made Gita – My beloved Scripture….Purushothama, Bangalore, Karnatka

This Retreat, presented in a capsule form, shall indeed help to comprehend all the Yogas and qualities/concepts/techniques, embodied/ enumerated in various chapters and to recapitulate them from time to time…..Alok Bhatnagar, New Delhi

Amazing experience in the retreat which provided many practical tips for daily use…..Rohit Singh, Haryana

It was a wonderful experience which provided   a special opportunity to learn about Gita……Minakshi Ramesh Chouthe, Maharashtra

Attending this retreat has been an unbelievably beautiful, rewarding and enriching experience for me…..Amitha Dayanand, Ahmedabad, Gujrat

The wonderful discourses on The Bhagwad Gita held by Swami ji with his innumerable stories and examples not only deeply stirred our interest in the teachings of Gita and Guru ji, but also awakened our souls to the possibility of God realization through daily devotional practice of these teachings……Kalpana Kastia, Ahmedabad, Gujrat

This experience for me is indescribable and unforgettable. I found an amazing change in myself in the practice of meditation. It provided me a great opportunity for learning about the Gita…….Bharti Autoorkar, Ahmedabad, Gujrat