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” It doesn’t matter if a cave has been in darkness for 10,000 years or half an hour, once you light a match it is illuminated.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda
feedback from spain, brazil

A devotee meditating on the Lawn at Anand Shikhar Sadhnalaya

Subject: Gratitude to Swami Sri Krishnananda ji
Jai Guru Swami ji!

Charan Sparsh. I want to thank you for inspiring me to study God Talks with Arjuna.

Yesterday evening, I sat down in the room upright and cross legged with gaze up and doing nothing else but listening to the Gita recitation. An amazing experience… it kept me still and listening all the way up to chapter ten. All through this, there were continuous nudging/ movement of subtle currents both in the brain as well as the spine. It was a lot of joy and body felt invigorated.

While I wanted to experiment this, but I had not expected this outcome! Today, I participated in Gita recitation. I was again amazed at the improvement in ease of reading. I was able to read the complex & long words more fluently. Strange feeling started engulfing me and I wanted to cry, so I rushed to the room. Tears rolled down my cheeks…

I am now very clear that Gita recitation as well as Gita study is part of my daily routine.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

Warm regards & love

Rahul Rastogi

Gurugram, Haryana.

The retreat was conducted by Swami Krishnanandaji with his usual great love, humbleness, keen attention to each devotee’s requests, hospitality, and lovely sense of humor. For me, coming from Italy with a Christian Catholic background, this Easter celebration has been the first shared with YSS devotees.

I could once more appreciate and be grateful to Master for his great vision of uniting East and West in the figures and messages of Jesus and Krishna.

Dr. Moreno Toldo,


The experience of participation in Gita Gyana Retreat has been intensely touching and satisfying.

Gita recitation and thereafter listening to the translation in Hindi coupled with group discussion followed by presentations- all have led to better insight into this most precious spiritual treatise- the Gita.

P.K.Gupta & Sneha Gupta,

Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP.

I had a blissful, wonderful and joyful experience throughout the whole period of Gita gyana Retreat. The way the Bhagwat Gita teachings are given (through reading shalokas, listening to them and chanting along.

And then how Swami ji recited the meaning of each shaloka) is wonderful. It was such a beautiful learning experience, which I can’t even express.

Tanupriya Kukreja,


If this is not Heaven, then one wonders what Heaven will be like! This is how Anand Shikhar represents for me.

I am truly blessed by Master to have had this opportunity to be able to attend the Gita Gyana retreat. It is a blessing to be part of master’s family!

Zina Sharma,

SRF Toronto, Canada.

This Retreat has not only opened our eyes towards spiritual path, but it has also taught us how we have to discriminate the evils and adopt the qualities of Devas in our day to day life….

The programme held under Swami Sri Krishnanada ji’s leadership was very systematic, well executed, disciplined and it is worth to be followed by us…



The Retreat compelled us to study Gurji’s Gita. It was a wonderful spiritual- study experience (though, I was fortunate to attend it for third time)…The study material we got was a bonus gift. Bhajan session on the last day was the climax….

I have no words to thank Swami Krishnanandaji and the whole team at Shimla Center who worked so hard for all these days. Ashram building itself is a heavenly place (A Shikhar of Anand!)….

Shkuntla Saini,

New Delhi.

I am thankful to God and Gurus to provide me with the blessings in the form of Gita Gyana Retreat.

“God talks with Arjuna” was made so easy by Swami ji’s question- answer session. Swami ji, your discourses on “Surrender” and “Devotion” were heart touching…

Dr. Richa gupta,

Indirapuram, UP.

I express my thanks and gratitude to all those, especially Swami ji for organizing such type of Retreat. I would like to attend Retreat on Gita Gyana again and again.


Very inspiring retreat for me, who has never read Gita before. My wish is to attend this type of Retreat time and again.
B.S. Kukreja,


I and my wife are fortunate to have attended this programme in the tranquil and serene surroundings. We have been indeed benefitted from the Swami ji’s discourses full of wide knowledge and enlightenment. Within a week, we came to know of many facts and facets of Mahabharata and the hidden meanings of the Gita…
T.R.Garg and Santosh Garg,


It has been my extreme good luck that I could attend it for third time but this time it was complete from the start to finish…It went by like a beautiful dream from which I do not wish to wake up or have it ended. It was a hectic week, kept us busy and active from moment to moment. It has given a chance to study our most pious text, the Gita and Guru ji’s voluminous commentary on it….The recitation of the Gita’s Sanskrit verses in a musical chant like manner has had the effect of a spiritual purification…..The Bhajan session ended the retreat on a great spiritual high and filled our hearts with devotional fervour…
Geetika Saini,

New Delhi